I’m like Fall, you say, and I smile…

I smile at how easy it is for you to liken me to seasons.

You smile, and it’s the best look you’ve had this year.

“Love, you are like Fall, you come once in a year and everyone looks forward to you, to seeing you, to being around you, because you radiate such light and love, I am jealous. How do you give your time to everyone and still have some left for yourself? Sometimes, well…most times, I feel like you slip through my fingers and settle right on my skin so I go everywhere with you…”

“You’re so cheesy…” I say and shrug. You are miles away from me.

Your voice is the home I know and now…now I miss home.

I tell you all about my travel experience and you laugh…you wish you were there to see my face and make fun of me, but you’re not…so we laugh some more.

“Hey, I’m not cheesy, you just make me say things that I never would.”

Selective Focus Photography of Brown Leafed Trees

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