Zuri: The Chronicler of Enzi

We walked for two days along a narrow path, never greeting anyone we met or stopping to rest. Naima believed that the warriors from Enzi would catch up with us if we stopped and I did not believe her until we came to the boundary between Enzi and Yajayo.

There we were stopped in our tracks by a warrior, on him were the marks that showed he belonged to the King’s court of Enzi. I stepped back but Naima walked up to him and bowed. It was a simple gesture but before I could follow her she kicked him off his feet with the next thing being her dagger on his throat.

“State your mission.”

“Mercy…your Majesty. I came to warn you, hear me out.”

“Speak and know that you are in presence of a Chronicler, if you spew lies, I am allowed to shed your blood and send you to your ancestors, however if you speak the truth and do not do us any harm, then this act of bravery will be rewarded. I promise you.”

“Thank you Your Majesty. The King has indeed joined his forefathers. All is not well in the kingdom and your people weep for their leader, however, since there is no Chronicler, the Seer cannot recommend the future leader until he receives word from her. The members of the royal court sent the warriors in search of you. We were directed to one man’s home but there was no sign of your presence there and we tracked you following the scent you left in the wind, asking any trader or traveler we met until we got to the stream, and there I did see you cross and take the turn towards Yajayo. I asked the team of warriors to go ahead and wait for you there, but as I was crossing the stream, something held my feet under-water and I could not move. It pulled me into the raging stream and as I struggled to catch my breath, I heard a single voice telling me to warn you and let you go, for your destiny is tied to what Meichi believes is right. I do not know how long you have but you have to go to the kingdom of Oba, stay there for a few moons and when you can, you may travel back to Yajayo, by then the warriors shall have left and you won’t be in danger. I know a Seer in Oba. Go find him, he will host you until it is safe for you to come to Yajayo.”

“Who are you?”

“Your Majesty, don’t you remember me…let me take off my mask, I promise you I will not harm you.” Naima stepped back, withdrew the dagger from the warrior’s throat and we watched as he slowly took off the mask and lifted his face to look into the eyes of the Princess.

“Zola! You!”

“Yes Your Majesty.”


“I made a promise to the wise Chronicler Zubeda, Zuri’s mother that I would protect and live to serve you, my Princess. I am sorry.”

“What is wrong with all of you thinking that I need protection?”

“Your Majesty…”

“I see specks of gold around your wrist Warrior Zola, you who stands when the world wants you to kneel, you with the heart that yearns for what makes your soul sing will be rewarded and in kindness you shall find love, and in love you shall find truth and in that truth, you too shall have to fight the greatest battle of your life…”

When I opened my eyes, the two were staring at me, “what happened?” I asked

“You don’t know?” asked Naima as she shook her head. “Will you utter nonsense like that every so often when your eyes turn white?”

“Nonsense? What do you mean?”

“I am only joking Chronicler I believe you just narrated a vision to us and it means that Zola here will be well rewarded for his courage today. So, can we go to this Oba kingdom and maybe get some place to lay our heads for the night, and what is the name of this Seer?”

“He is not to be sought by name, but here…wear this necklace around your neck and follow where it leads you.”

“You want me to be led by something around my neck? Never,” said Naima and she turned to take the path leading to Oba, but Zola held her hand.

…to be continued

Two Topless Women Facing Each Other With Face Paint
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