Monthly Wrap Up- January 2020

Hello February!

I loved January…and where it seems like it felt like a century for everyone, it rather breezed by me and now that I think about it, it was simply because I was doing lots of planning, meeting various school communities and prepping for February.

So, now I’m dreading February because everything I had been planning in January has to be actualized in this first week and precisely between the 4th and 7th!

So, looking back at the events of January, some of the things that stand out for me on:


I got and read 8 books in January. These are the 5 titles that got me thinking afresh, so, if you’re into poetry, then Break Your Glass Slippers by Amanda Lovelace is a must-read for that 21st Century spin on Cinderella and self worth!

On Writing:

I struggled with the point of view of my work in progress. Torn between writing in the 1st and 3rd points of views had me re-writing the whole manuscript and if you’ve been following this blog closely- you may have read two chapters of it. [Zuri: The Chronicler of Enzi]

One of my writing goals for 2020 was to join a writing community and also engage with many more writers and so far, I’m learning a lot more through the #WritingCommunity on Twitter…like how to create an animated book cover…so, I tried this:

Read Sifuna...

To celebrate the start of February and get me focused on writing more, I bought some stationery…let’s just say 2 sets of a dozen pencils each, 3 sharpeners, 1 eraser and 2 cute stick notes.

On the blog:

I love how some of the content I post here just comes to mind…and some of my favorites to create and share were:

On Music

I listened to a lot of music this past month because of how late into the night I had to work on most of my projects. So, in no apparent order, I’ll just share some that I kinda loved…or had on replay

[From top left- clockwise: Awake by Hillsong, Fine Line by Harry Styles, Songs for You by Tinashe, Sweet Insomnia by Gallant, Always in Between by Jess Glynne, 8 Letters by Why Don’t We]

It feels like there’s a lot more for me to do this month and I cannot help but feel like it’s going to be great, and I am opening up to all the endless opportunities coming my way this month.

How’s your February looking?

I feel like this is my get up, get moving and strike that off your to-do-list month! So, here’s my quote for this month with regards to work:



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