Are We Done Fighting? by Matthew Legge: Book Review

Are We Done Fighting?: Building Understanding in a World of Hate and Division

Three things stand out in this book: we’ve got to communicate better, as human beings we learn a lot of things and hate, anger, biases, prejudices are part of the things we learn and can unlearn as well, and finally- to create and continue living in peace, we’ve got to put in the work.

About the book:

Unfounded beliefs and hateful political and social divisions that can cascade into violence are threatening to pull the world apart. Responding to fear and aggression strategically and with compassion is vital if we are to push back against the politics of hate and live in greater safety and harmony.

But how to do it?

Are We Done Fighting? is brimming with the latest research, practical activities, and inspirational stories of success for cultivating inner change and spreading peace at the community level and beyond.

I love the format of this book, especially the tips to be learned at the end of each chapter and the group activities. This book right here is an action-oriented read and the author draws from lots of examples, occurrences and case studies all over the world to share insights on human interaction and conflict. It’s a great resource for schools, groups, communities and an even much better training tool for Facilitators.

What the author shares, or the skills he proposes herein are not new- rather his approach, the step by step guide through this book key in the activity sessions is what is refreshing. He comes from the point of view that it can be done, that we can understand each other amidst the hate, fake news and division in the world- but only if we put in the work, if we are willing to check ourselves, to take a step back and evaluate our emotions and our actions as well.

This book and the implementation and success of most of what is shared herein, lies in the ability to communicate and though this is key and a fundamental aspect of humanity- I’d be interested in taking this beyond words and into actions, for people who are deaf, blind, mute-who may have experienced violence and need healing as well.

So, I’m glad I got to read this there’s a quote that opens up Chapter 2 in the book that spoke to me and I’ll share it:

As long as you cannot face yourself and love even those ugly parts, I will be left with the work of trying to love what you cannot bear to Witness.

To the publishing and marketing team (especially Keira) thanks for reaching out and providing me with a copy of this book, I’m challenged to explore my understanding and interaction to enhance peace.

You can buy the book online at: Amazon

About the author:

Matthew Legge

Matthew Legge is passionate about making communication honest, simple, and accessible. He’s worked in the nonprofit sector since 2006 with a focus on building health, dignity, and human rights. Hes supported locally-led peace initiatives in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Visit:

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