Take Me

I went to the market,

Not that kind of market…the one where everyone is happy and looks good enough to be carried home.

So, I looked at this shelf and saw you,

The jaw of a god, a mortal sculpted into immortality,

Skin glowing like the dark night sky, embers of those who came before you,

Grayscale Side View Portrait Photo of Man Posing with His Eyes Closed
Collis: http://www.pexels.com

So, I stood and took you in.

You could be my rock,

I could wander in the maze that’s your eyes…cocoa rich, vanilla true…

So, I stood and took you in,

You could be the one.

You know…the one among many who could take my heart, break it, and walk all over it.

You saw me looking,

Long after everyone else had left,

So, you stopped taking in their praise, their likes, their comments…you stopped and for that second, you knew you could take me.

See…I let you.

I was standing waiting for you to take me.

And so you did…you truly did,

Your voice, deep, still…calm on the surface, unsettled beneath it.

You took me long after I had decided that you would take me.

So, Son of Man,

Do not shout praises of your prowess to the world,

Do not scamper for likes, retweets, comments and be sliding in the DMs knowing you’re good.

Just like I gave myself to you, I can slip away.

Oh, and wouldn’t that be a treat if only you could take me.

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