What I’ve been up to while staying at home

It’s been weeks of staying at home and adhering to the need to keep physical distance.

Though it’s often phrased as “social distance,” I find “physical distance” to be accurate because in the past two weeks we’ve spent more time connecting online or via phone calls and texts- and it’s not limited our socialization, it’s just made us socialize on a different non-virtual platform.

I’ve been living with my Mom, younger sister and nephew in Kisumu and coming back home when the Kenyan government called for limited movement has been the sanity break that I needed.

So, in that period of time, I :

  1. Started listening to more music, and the highlight of my #stayingathome has been downloading Deezer- a music app that’s introduced me to various playlists.
  2. Downloaded the 30 Days Fitness Challenge app and I have been doing 5-minute workout sessions every day. I can successfully plank for 30 seconds.
  3. Have been cooking a lot- and I discovered that it helps ease my anxiety- just prepping a meal and finally cooking it.
  4. Learned that I totally detest doing dishes- of all the household chores that can be done, doing the dishes is not my go to chore.
  5. Have gained weight, my cheeks are chubbier.
  6. Dyed my hair red

And the highlight of my time spent at home has got to be: writing, editing and publishing Zuri: The Chronicler of Enzi

Zuri: The Chronicler of Enzi by [Dora Okeyo]

About the book: Every kingdom but Enzi, had a fool. This person was entrusted with uplifting the spirits of the members of the royal court. 
Now, inasmuch as they did not have a fool, they did better, they had a Chronicler.

I will try my very best to explain to you what role the Chronicler played, give a moment, let me light up these dry leaves and settle in my seat.
In Enzi this position was only to be filled by women. As far as I can remember, my Great Grandmother was the first Chronicler and after that, she trained her daughter, who went on to train her daughter and in turn I was trained. Chroniclers never died in Enzi. They would instead accompany the King to the afterlife if it so happened that the ruler died before them. Call me Zuri, I am the only living Chronicler and this is my story…

It’s available worldwide on Amazon Kindle: here’s the link

I’ve also learned a lot from the #WritingCommunity on Twitter and I am constantly inspired and challenged to do better and to read more just by reading what other writers have published.

I’m currently reading The Carpet Cipher by Jane Thornley

Have a lovely weekend, stay hydrated.

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