Updates on Social Distancing, life, writing and everything in between

It’s exactly 159 days, 21 hours and some odd minutes since the Kenyan government called for the need for us to stay away from public gatherings and essentially #stayathome.

In that time I have:

  • Published a book: Zuri: The Chronicler of Enzi
  • Written a shortie short story/ novella: In the Quiet
  • Traveled back to my area of work to see to the construction of 4 classrooms , 2-per community school
  • Gained weight
  • Started, quit, started, forgot about, started working out.
  • Consumed at least 3 cups of tea a day/ some days at least 4 cups of coffee
  • Drank more water
  • Slept in (and I love sleeping in on Saturdays)
  • Signed up for online classes: I just quit the one for African Leadership Institution because with over 1,000 participants and the never ending telegram messages, I missed out on signing in and with 5 error messages- I was done!
  • Got accepted into the New Heights Leadership Program: a 3-month online intensive session that merges both Christian Faith and Leading with Integrity in the modern world.

On reading: I just finished reading Honest to Greatness by Peter Kozodoy and he explores how transparency is key to sustaining organizations, companies and our interactions not just with people but also with what we create.

“To get the most out of your people, you must tell them why they matter.”

Status Check: A friend asked me yesterday, on a scale of zero to one hundred, how pissed off are you with the corruption in the Kenyan government? I shot him a look and he simply said “that pissed off?” See, people have been displaced, lost their jobs, their loved ones, our health care workers are at the frontline yet they’re unpaid, without PPE kits and it doesn’t help that the body set in place to regulate all this is busy trading with kits that could save lives. Wouldn’t you lose it if someone was stealing billions meant to ensure your access to health care which you are over taxed for?

On this new WordPress Editor: Yes, I’m learning that free is expensive, because I don’t like it one bit and switching to the Classic Editor means installing it and yes…I’ve got to be on a paid plan to do that. Or maybe I’m just sleepy- who knows, I will look into it when I can, if I hate it…it’s always good to explore options I guess.

I’m looking forward to September! Who knew we’d be this close to ending 2020 when we started out in January?

Have an awesome week. Stay safe. Stay hydrated. Above all choose kindness, we need it.

4 thoughts on “Updates on Social Distancing, life, writing and everything in between

  1. I don’t also like the new WordPress… I am going to be editing using the old/initial text editor in the WP Admin. Its way more easier! I am considering hosting one of my future projects on Weebly since I already have an account but it also uses the blocks structure…
    I am also on the online class bandwagon; taking advantage of the free 2 month trial to learn something practical. I still haven’t made the dalgona coffee and banana bread though 😉

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    1. I’m truly struggling with this block editor and navigating my way back to the classic editor is not easy (i’m impatient). Yes! Online classes are great right now and I am learning quite a lot more than I’d expected and let me know when you make some banana bread!


  2. Updates from social distancing taking from a different angle. I also spent some time thinking about social distancing and wrote a blog article about it. The world we are living in right now has become a strange place. We have all become strangers (to each other) in a strange land. Not long ago, people used to congregate, socialize, party with friends and family. Going to school and interacting with your teachers and your friends was part of our children’s daily routine; now our human interactions are kept to a minimum, from a safe distance and preferably via a screen. Music has a unique ability to bring people together. Music and dance can unite, heal, and set people free from their fear, their worries, their loneliness. So dance your own dance, sing your own song. Work your magic and sprinkle seeds of love everywhere you go. Feel free to check out my article = https://authorjoannereed.net/want-to-break-social-distancing-feel-the-power-of-music/

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    1. I love what you’ve shared Joanne, “dance your own dance, sing your own song, work your magic and sprinkle seeds of love everywhere you go.” I’ll keep that in mind this week.


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