Speak Softly

You say I assemble my words like we are about to go to war.

I laugh and shrug it off, I always do.

You are back Stardust, you keep coming back and you don’t know why,

It’s killing you, your inability to let me go,

My ability to always smile whenever I see you.

You look at your knuckles and suppress a laugh, then you say,

“Your soul speaks softly to my own, when I can’t take this world anymore, I seek you, the guys say that I hunt for you, like redemption. How is it Love that just the thought of you brings me peace?”

I laugh and shrug it off, but this time, you wrap your hands around me and pull me towards you, I drop my book, my earphones slip out of my ears and you say, “Marry me Love, be my forever.”

I shake my head and close my eyes and gently sway with you, “forever is a long time.”

“It’s as long as we are willing to put in the work, Love. Stop running, catch your breath, just catch it with me.”

And I hear your soul, I hear it speak softly to my own.

Photo by Avonne Stalling on Pexels.com

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