You remind of something,


I don’t know, maybe I’m out of my mind, maybe it’s the alcohol, who knows but I promised I’d never do this.

I kept my word for two months and then I saw the picture you posted on Facebook.

You were smiling, you always smile, even when you’re hurting or uncertain, it was like being reminded of something I’d buried.

A Pexels.com picture

So, maybe I’m rambling, or just messing things up but I’m not that drunk, not yet…and it is true, you remind me of something wild, free and delicate.

It’s in the way you love; heart, body, mind and soul.

You remind of me something I’ve never held in my hands, but know what it’d feel like in my fingertips.

Wild, free and delicate is what you are, and it hurts knowing just how beautiful you resemble a Dandelion.

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