Our people say that the past is best left alone.

They sit in silence when it visits or passes by; for they’ve long known how heavy it is to carry an unwanted visitor to bed after the evening meal.

Our people know the past so well they express it in songs, proverbs, tales…but never in the present.

So, when my heart was weary, I turned to them for help and like they know best, they made me sit outside of their space, watching silently until I had to scream…

Then they said, “The past is your shadow, everything you do or say passes by with time and when something comes back ask yourself who let that door open and why…our shadows do not stop us from walking in the sun, they do not stop us from walking in the moonlight, but ask yourself who leads? Is it the shadow or the one whom the light shines upon? This is why we sit in silence, why we sit still and let the past pass by or if it sits beside us…our eyes are forever on the present on knowing unlike it, we can stand up and leave…”

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