One Word at a Time

I expected my first blog post of 2021 to be a grand one. No fireworks, drinks, laughter, just a good feeling in my gut as I typed away, and I planned it all until I woke up and saw it was the 16th of January and still nothing!

It’s 9:29 A.M. here in Mbita and the weather is chilly, cloudy and I’m still on my first cup of tea.

It feels wonderful writing this morning and maybe all the plans I made in my head just needed me to act, to take that first step and just write. So here I am.

I started out this year by getting twenty print copies of my novella, In the Quiet, and I’ll be sending out copies that have been bought this Monday. The joy of seeing something you dreamed up come to life is precious and I feel the same kind of rush for every book!

I have started writing another story and right now the ideas are all over the place. What I am truly grateful for thus far is that I am able to to keep going, to keep writing one word at a time, even when the picture is still fuzzy and anytime I am about to talk myself out of writing, I remind myself of what I have written so far.

Have a wonderful weekend.

2 thoughts on “One Word at a Time

    1. Hi Donnela, thank you!
      If you’d love a copy- you can get the ebook version from any of these online stores:

      A paperback copy if you are in Kenya, goes for Kshs 250 and delivery charges of Kshs 200 via courier depending on which city/town you are in. If you’d love to reach out to me send me a message on whatsapp +254788148550


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