February is here and I’m so ready for it

Hello world, is it sunny and scorching hot where you are?

It is 27 degrees Celcius here or 80 degrees Fahrenheit if you will and I’m seated on the floor typing away whilst taking time to sip some coffee. I’ve been recovering and dealing more with a never ending fever and restlessness.

I’m excited that February is here because 28 days in a month means it will fly by, and also because Valentines is fast approaching and I am not a huge fan of the day, however my friends are going hiking and boat riding and it’s something I am looking forward to.

On reading: I just subscribed to and downloaded Scribd and this means I get to read some amazing titles from African Authors I have always wished to read.

On Writing: I believe my writing schedule needs to be revamped because I seem to write now between midnight and three in the morning and while I enjoy writing, it seems my sleep is affected more because instead of waking up by seven, I find myself in bed until nine- often too exhausted to workout for even three minutes.

I am currently working on another historical fantasy romance novel and this time around, the world of magic seems to elude me. It’s still a working progress I believe.

All in all, I hope to feel much better this weekend and energized for next week because I’ll be picking up my dress from the tailor and I can’t wait to see how it looks on me!

Have a great week and weekend.

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