Updates on the writing, reading and social life

So, the Corona Virus is still here and the only person who seems to be gaining more during this period, somehow happens to be borrowing money drowning a nation in debt and I’m all sorts of angry and disappointed, forgive my inability to punctuate my frustration.

Well, hello, so I have been trying my best to stay healthy, eat right, drink lots of water, keep my thoughts positive and it’s taking a toll on me.

On reading: I am reading a lot and buying more books, like this dandy collection I got yesterday.

On writing: I have three writing projects that have been causing me sleepless nights and two have been on hold for the longest time as I work hard on the final piece, a story The Adventures of Kiti and Kata, for Oaks & Crown Leadership Program.

Here are some awesome blogs that I have been irresistible company this week:

I am also loving the thought-provoking and honest conversations by Dr. Wandia Njoya on the YouTube Channel, Maisha Kazini.

And then let’s just say that I have always been drawn to Korean Drama from the very first time I watched Boys Over Flowers, so imagine coming across such a vast collection on Netflix! I absolutely swooned over and enjoyed every bit of Tale of the Nine Tailed and now, I am watching Goblin: The Great and Lonely god.

I am drawn to mythical creatures and anything that involves a tale or legend will have me looking not once but twice, and if it’s good enough, then I’ll watch it. This however still stumps me because for some reason, I am not loving the Chinese production, based on the book, The Ghost Bride as much as I truly wished I could.

All in all, I am taking each day, each moment as it comes. Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Updates on the writing, reading and social life

  1. The line that said the person doing well is borrowing money putting a nation in further debt really reminded me how painfully connected Africans are by corrupt politicians 🚮 Goblin broke my heart, I’m yet to watch Tale of a nine-tailed once I get the time because currently, academics got me😫! I also miss reading leisurely.

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    1. It’s sad that most African leaders loot their nations.
      Oh, I am writing this after watching the final episode yesternight and it broke my heart to more pieces than I could comprehend! How much sorrow could one bear in 1000 years? And it reminded me of Greek tragedies where everyone but the gods die!
      Oh, please watch Tale of the Nine Tailed, please do and you’ll love it and weep as well, it’s splendid.


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