April Favorites

On this first day of May, I find myself looking back at the month of April and there are a lot of things that I experienced, immersed myself in that made it an awesome month. So, here are my favorites:

  1. I got to spend time with my best friend, mentor and advisor and also with my Mom drinking coffee at Java. I learned that I love those impromptu dates with my Mom just talking over a meal.

2. Writing a story for Oaks and Crown Leadership Program. This is still ongoing and even though I was unwell for a while and could barely string along sentences, I feel so relieved and elated that I am still writing.

3. Books! I had two major book hauls in April and the most recent haul is one I look forward to because of the diverse authors.

4. I am eating healthy. Look, it’s tough sticking to a healthy diet when you live alone, but for me, the greatest nudge was a visit to the hospital and having the doctor look at me like I was killing myself-worse off during a pandemic! So, I started juicing to supplement my diet.

I love pineapples and cucumbers, so that’s more of what I blend.

5. Oh, and I am obsessed with Korean Dramas on Netflix! So, here are some I’d recommend: Run On, Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung, Legend of the Blue Sea, My Secret Romance, and above all if you have the time- please make time and watch It’s Okay to Not Be Okay…trust me, that’s an absolute fave!

Those are my top five faves for the month of April and I am much better physically and mentally as I write this, my greatest desire is that I get to write more this month- that I never get to check into a hospital for exhaustion or anemia, just for some more strength, less exhaustion and more love I guess.

Have an awesome month. Give love. Receive love.

3 thoughts on “April Favorites

    1. Wow! I just finished watching it yesterday and I loved the characters so much that every fear, anxiety, struggle they were facing was so easy to relate to, I couldn’t help but recommend it.


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