10 Reasons Why I’m not fit to be a Fashion Blogger

So, I was getting ready to go into town when Odhis called and right after I answered his call, you know, swiped right on that green icon that pops up when someone calls you. He said “your dress is ready and the skirt too.” I said “okay, thanks,” and he ended the call. Odhis knows his fabric and stitches but he’s poor at phone calls. He’s also poor at flattery. The first time I showed him a skirt I’d seen on Pinterest, he just shook his head and said “there’s no way I’m making that skirt for you, it’s not for your body. I cannot let you look like a walking potato.”

So, over time I learned to give him free reign and simply enjoy what he’s made for me.

I got the skirt and dress and when I got home, my younger sister insisted that I should take some Gram worthy photos. She said “you can’t just store them away without taking photos, so try them out and I’ll direct you, something like a fashion shoot.”

I gave her my Camera and ladies and gentlemen…we took over forty photos and six made the cut! Six! So, here are four of the photos and the reasons why I’m clearly not fit to be a Fashion Blogger

So, this was my first pose and it took me seven tries to master it 😦


Had to show off this cool bag :-), um…the nails and the ring courtesy of LemonF @KilimallKenya


Bangles: Hilton Arcade Kenya, 

Earrings, got them off a store at Kisumu City Business Park for $1


And finally, the dress!

  1. Yeah, the whole posing thing, not my vibe! My cheeks hurt due to smiling and I’ve got fat cheeks so, there’s no way I am burning that extra fat as someone clicks away.
  2. The selection process. We took forty and six made the cut, and as I type this (Jackie) made sure only four were revealed. It’s frustrating for a first timer like me.
  3. I’m not so keen on background and lights and all that stuff! Yes, I take photos and know all about this but when someone else is doing it, I’m not cooperative.
  4. Being a Fashion Blogger is knowing a thing or two about trends. I don’t.
  5. I’m a Writer, I am enjoying writing about my experience more than having to go through changing and posing.
  6. Planning and layout, I just can’t, not with clothes and stuff.
  7. Did I mention that this takes a lot of planning, to get the right angle and even when I look at the photos, I’m still like…no, there’s not a single photo where I did the peace sign!
  8. I’m not very fit. Squatting in wedges almost had me not smiling 😦
  9. I suck at giving the outfit details, like who would get a hold of the person who sold me the earrings.
  10. This doesn’t look anywhere as eye-catching as all the Fashion blogs I see.

I’m sending all my love, utmost understanding and respect to all the fashion bloggers in the world. Keep posting awesome trends and making it look so easy WHILE IT’S NOT, for amateurs like me 🙂 I’d also love to send a bigger shout out to my younger sister for awarding me the ‘most difficult’ amateur model she’s ever worked with.

There you have it, my ten reasons or whining if you please, on why I’m not fit to be a fashion blogger, so I’ll stick to my writing and see where that takes me!

The Liebster Award

2017s Christmas Gift; The Liebster Award.@McReensGalaxy

Hello, how are you today? I am doing just fine, if sitting next to a computer as early as eight in the morning sounds okay. I was nominated by MCreen (visit his blog: Mcreen’s Galaxy) for the Christmas gift of the Liebster Award.

What’s The Liebster Award all about?

The Liebster Award is a blogger award for new bloggers, those with few followers, who are still getting the hang of this dynamic industry. It is a fantastic way of giving exposure, recognition, and motivation to these talented newbies so as to keep their blogging fire blazing!

Rules of the Liebster Award

  1. Create a new blog with the graphical image of the Liebster Award as the one above.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you while also providing a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the Questions you had received from your Nominator(s).
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers and share your blog post with them so that they can accept their awards.
  5. Create a set of questions for your Nominees to Answer.

Let’s do this!

1. What Sparked You To Start Blogging?

I don’t know if you would call it a spark, but I have been keeping a journal since I was twelve and a blog gave me a fresh insight into sharing my life experiences. My first blog still exists: Jodie and that’s because those are the kind of experiences I’d not want to forget.

2. What Do You Intend To Achieve With Blogging?

I intend to reach out to new audiences and by being on WordPress I see that happening everyday.

3. Why Do You Have an ‘On’ and ‘Off’ Blogging Pattern? What ticks you off at times?

I write when I’ve got something to write about and when I don’t, I scroll through my reader and read what others have to blog about. However, when I am immersed in writing a book, it’s often difficult for me to post anything on the blog.

4. Aside From Blogging, What Other Things Are You Passionate About?

  • Reading books (Nilichosoma)
  • Writing. I am currently working on two manuscripts that I look forward to publishing in 2018.
  • Cooking. If it involves cooking oil, then sign me up!
  • Traveling

5. What’s Your Vision 2018 Concerning Blogging?

I’d love to reach out more to the Kenyan audience and set up a shop/store so my Kenyan friends and their circle of friends can buy and read my books.

I’d love to know more from the awesome people behind these blogs:

My questions are:

  1. What would you say has been the highlight of your blogging experience this year?
  2. If you could pick a theme to blog about, any theme that scares you or you know very little about, what would it be and why?
  3. What’s the best and the worst part of being called a blogger?

Let’s spread the love, type away and have a merry Christmas!




We smile

We laugh

We stare at each other across the room

You stick out your tongue

I widen my eyes…still,

This is how we talk.

guy man fashion clothing backpack african american bokeh building plants trees street male sunlight clouds

There’s that dress you want me to wear,

The red smoking hot one…the guys have got to see that I’ve got the best,

Are you coming over? I’m in the mood for some beef stew,

You can make me some epic beef stew right?

I reply “No, no and no, thank you,”

You call, you text, you send a friend to check up on me.

He tells you I am alright.

You call…ask, “what’s wrong babe?”

This is how we talk.

Snippets mess us up. Snippets reveal our expectations.

Snippets, snippets, snippets.

This is how we talk.




What are you doing?


Yes, you, tell me…what are you doing?

(Trying to cross the road while listening to Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, and you called right when I was planning to sing along.) Nothing.

Really, I missed you.

Seriously? But you saw me like, ten minutes ago, kwani?

You mean I can’t text to say that I miss you?

(You can call to say it, say the words!) Nah…it’s not like that, you can miss me and text me, a girl’s got to smile sometime.

So, what are you doing kesho?


Okay, is this like a bad time or something?

No, why?

Nothing, I’ll talk to you later.

Sure, bye.

I miss you, bye.

Courtesy of StockSnapio

If these thoughts fill me with gloom, then let it be known that my heart’s doomed.

A word, a text, a slight remark…it’s all we have, you and I and words,

they flow out your mouth, your heart bleeding into my ears.

Black t-shirt, blue jeans, black converse…brown eyes, set jawline, a dimple on your left cheek right above the smile you greet me with.

“Hi,” that’s how it started and now here we are, I am in my smurfs pyajamas being bitten by mosquitoes as I tell the world about you,

or is it the idea of you…


we both know, I see you, I hear you, I feel you,


I’m not the one who is blooming, it’s her…

and that is why your texts and calls wither,

for this is meant to die for the one whose heart you hold is already in bloom.



It comes to me in pieces; that day after the party, at your place, outside Naivas Supermarket, the Family Kitchen Restaurant, the church and sometimes…sometimes when I try to shake it off, it comes at 2 A.M.

They say it takes time.

They say, “You are still young, you’ll move on and find somebody else.”

It’s easy. You know, you are like a Mr. Berry bubblegum wrapper, disposed just as easy and fast after you’ve got the gum. You chew for a minute and dispose of the gum and unwrap the next one. It is true, you can never just have one Mr. Berry gum…five is a start.

How would they know? I saw you walking into Mega Plaza today. You were wearing that blue shirt that gives you the Corporate look and you were carrying that awful laptop bag that needs a wash more than a truck ferrying sand. You were talking to someone, ‘her’ I suppose, but there you were…two steps ahead of me and I could hear you, see you and if I tried hard enough, I could have taken in your scent.

It’s never the same.


It is never about who was wrong or who felt betrayed, but more about what happens. I wish it was more about us back then. You never listened…passion trumps rationale, and you would never know it, but I lost our child. Baby Emmanuela, a gem, the one you longed for…and what hurts even more is that you never gave me a chance to share the news with you.

They told you I was with your best friend. They said,‘you can’t trust these chics, they can definitely bring you down, kwani is she the only one?’ What’s worse is that you listened to people who were surrounded by liquor they never brewed or produced. You took in the word of people who never invested in our relationship and you refused to listen. You threw away a friendship because of your inability to deal with your fear…the fear that you could lose me to James. He is an awesome guy, a great listener…but he will never be you, but you never cared to listen.

I walked behind you until you stepped onto the escalator and descended to the floor below. The lady was now holding your hand, leaning into your embrace and you were smiling at her.

They say I will get over it…and things will be okay, have you ever broken glass? Have you ever looked at the shattered pieces and seen how the light strikes each piece?

I need the light to illuminate my heart. I need it just one more time, because a part of me would like to face you and tell you that on the day you saw me with James, he was calming my nerves because I had just found out that we would be having a child. You were down on finances and the thought of telling you about the baby freaked me out…so much so that I was talking to myself right outside Alpha House…and James was passing by…

Would it matter? I don’t know.

You are happy. You are glowing, a smile upon us mere mortals who betrayed you, and sometimes I reckon losing both you and Emmanuela was a gift, a reminder that life was still bright and crystal clear like glass even after your heart’s been shattered.

For Helen…hope this shines a light on you. 




My week so far

I am officially a year older! Well, March is my birthday month and I was looking forward to having a nice laid back fun day spent at Java, sipping coffee and eating chocolate fudge cake. Well, that’s what I thought I would do, when I posted this.

The truth is, my birthday landed on a working day and I stayed up till 1:00am getting things done.

I woke up on Thursday feeling out of sorts because the first song I came across my playlist was Stay With Me by Sam Smith and I wasn’t in the mood for feeling blue.


So, I walk into the office all blue and moody and grouchy and “I don’t want to talk to anybody” mood written all over my face when my Supervisor says, “Listen, you and I are going to Java today to get coffee and cake! Alright?”

Now, Heaven is in my face and I say “Alright,” and that was the beginning of a fun day…well, at least for a couple of hours because work had to be done, reports and emails had to be read, proofed, edited and sent.

The highlights of my week had to be:

  1. Learning that I am aging quite gracefully and my baby cheeks are still on point.
  2. Understanding that life goes on because it should never stop, and whenever I want the world to stop for me, it will sprint instead!
  3. Love is…
  4. Getting an awesome Thermos Flask from my Mom because she knows I could use some coffee while at work, and besides she is worried sick that I am starting to lose weight again.
  5. Getting a copy of Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie from my sister 🙂
  6. Getting 4 awesome books to read.
  7. Celebrating International Women’s Day and appreciating the fact that the world is working towards gender equality because women’s rights are human rights, and this journey will take a lot of effort and time.
Books I’m looking forward to reading!

Inspiration for today

Writing takes time, and most of all it takes patience. If there is one thing I am grateful for, is knowing that ‘you have to put in the time and work to get the results.’

A Writer writes.

You’ll never get that book done unless you sit down, grab a pen and paper or a processor and start writing, like they say in business ‘if it’s not written, it never happened.’


Have a lovely day.

Keep writing!

Highlights of my week.

Saturday’s here, and I am looking back on the highlights of my week. It was grand to accept my friend’s challenge because my vegetable spaghetti made someone drool in the morning. (I am not saying it was my sister). I also spiced up my week by reading “Almost a Turkish Soap opera” by Anne-Rae Vasquez and “Next to you” by Julia Gabriel.
If you love romance and want something to freshen up your day or get you smiling in public well, I’d definitely recommend reading Anne’s “Almost a Turkish soap opera,” but if you are having one of those days where you want to believe in love and good people, then go with Julia’s “Next to You,” there’s a cute little boy there called Aidan who stole my heart!


It’s been a week full of travel and whether I was walking a mile or two or wading through mud I am glad I had some pop music for company, there’s nothing like listening to  One Direction’s Little White Lies while climbing a hill when it is thirty two degrees Celsius!
I haven’t done much writing this week but there is a lot for me to catch up on.
Here’s a summary of my week in photos: