The Autumn Book Tag

Here’s to the love of book tags and I came across this on The Bibliophagist’s blog today. I jumped in and here’s my take:

The Autumn book tag



  • Answer the questions
  • link back to the creator (Jenniely)
  • tag other people!

1. Hot Chocolate – what is your comfort book?

The Fountain Head by Ayn Rand. I find comfort in Howard Roark’s declaration:

Image result for howard roark quotes

2. Pumpkin Carving – what is your favourite creative outlet?


3. Falling Leaves – changes that appear bad but you secretly love?

Attending parties. I love large gatherings in doses. When I say doses I mean, it takes me quite a while to get psyched into going out or simply hanging out with people at a large gathering, this sudden change from simply being in my own space to where lots of people expect my attention or are watching me, freaks me out-but I find myself transformed after a while.

4. Pumpkin Spiced Latte – something you love that others tend to judge

I’m with Sara on this one: Staying in. Oh, I’m like a cat, I can sleep for hours and it’s my favorite way of spending the weekend. Going by my response in number 3, let’s just say that I do my best to stay away from social gatherings.

5. Bonfire Night – what makes you explode with joy?


6. Fright Night – favourite scary book or film

None. I am not a fan of scary books or films.

7. Halloween candy – favourite thing to eat

Chocolate cake

8. Scarves – your autumn ‘must have’ accessory

Travel mug fully loaded with hot coffee!

9. Fire – a book or film that burns your soul

I can’t mention just one.

10. Toffee apples – a book or film that seems one thing but really has a different inside

I’m not such a huge fan of films so this right here has me at odds and ends.

Since I jumped in on this tag, I’ll leave it open to all the Book Lovers who read my responses, feel free to tag me in your responses, who knows…we may indeed be birds of a feather.

Book Tag|New York Times by the Book Tag

I love book tags! I came across this interesting tag on Katie’s blog and can I just add that I’m loving her blog and the fact that she’s a RavenClaw!

What book is on your nightstand right now?

Peace Like a River by Leif Enger


What is the last truly great book you read?

If you could meet any author, dead or alive- who would it be? What would you ask them?

  • I’d love to meet Grace Ogot! If there’s any Female Writer who was as fierce in her writing as fulfilling her aspirations, then she’s the one I’d love to have coffee with and title the talk “My Guest needs no introduction…”

I would ask her what kept her going at a time when Women were not upheld or deemed worthy of expressing themselves through literature and fiction. I’d also ask about her style inspiration!

Image result for grace ogot

What books might we be surprised to see on your shelves?

  • Chronicles of Narnia- did I mention that I’m a fan? Everyone should read the books!

How do you organize your personal library?

  • The books that impress me so much are kept in storage containers and labeled “Books for Aurora” with the hope that someone in my generation would read and enjoy them as much as I did.

What book and/or series have you always meant to read but haven’t gotten around to yet? Anything you feel embarrassed to never have read?

What book did you feel like you were supposed to like but didn’t?

  • Persuasion by Jane Austen

What kind of stories are you drawn to? What do you avoid?

  • I love literary fiction- and for some weird reason, most people complain that the books that win major literary awards are boring, but to me they are just what I need.
  • I’m not a huge Sci-Fi fan but once in a while, a title proves me wrong and I accept it.

If you could require the president to read one book what would it be?

  • The Devil on the Cross by Ngugi wa Thiongo’

What do you plan to read next?

  • Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer



The Book Love Book Tag

I came across this on Lindsey’s blog, A Rambling Reviewer and if you’ve been here for a while, you know that I can never say no to a good book-tag. If you’re new, trust me, this is a fun post because words can be heavy!

So let’s get down to it shall we?

What books have you been gifted that you love?

  • Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
  • Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi
  • In the Kitchen by Monica Ali

What book(s) would you like to give as a gift to someone else?

These are some of the books that are in my collection that I’d love to hand down to my daughter some day.

If you could gift a random person any bookish item, what would it be?

A bookmark, because, you can’t go wrong with that right?

If you could gift a random person any non-bookish item, what would it be?

A mug. Definitely a mug, we all drink some hot beverage 🙂 I think.

What do you say when a person gives you a gift you don’t like?

Um…wow, this is, um…thank you!

Mention a book based around Valentine’s Day.

Image result for gone with the wind

Mention any two tips for blogging as a gift to other bloggers and to those who may want to start a blog.

  1. Write as though you are talking to yourself. If it speaks to you chances are it could speak to someone else.
  2. Edit what you’ve written before sharing it. It’s an interesting way to make sure that you have your words right and whoever is reading knows that you’ve got a handle on your words. If you’re struggling with this- try Grammarly, it’s partially free!

Have a great week and if you enjoyed reading this post, why not jump on it and see what you can answer?


Would You Rather Book Tag

I came across this awesome post on Melissa’s blog, Bookish Wanderer and had to share my thoughts! Check out her cool responses here

1. Would you rather have a friend lose your books or one who dog-ears them? 

I cringe at both options, but instead of losing them…I’d rather come across one or two dog-ears! 😦

2. Would you rather secretly love a book everyone else hates, or secretly hate a book everyone else loves?

Image result for sip tea gif

I received quite some backlash for not liking Twilight, so, I’d rather secretly hate a book everyone else loves…right after saying what it is about the book that bugs me!

3. Would you rather be stuck on a very long plane or train ride without a book?

Definitely a plane ride. I can always have a great view or a conversation on a long train ride, SGR anyone?

4. Would you rather have dinner with your favorite author or your favorite character? 

Favorite character! Because, frankly speaking, an Author can be boring or not inclined to be socially chatty (I am) so, instead of facing that kind of disappointment, I’d rather have dinner with my favorite character!

5. Would you rather date a character you have a crush on or your crush from real life? 

No crushes for me here…but if it meant choosing, then yeah, a real life crush!

6. Would you rather have your favorite book turned into a movie, or your favorite movie turned into a book? 

The book is always better than the movie! Let’s not argue about that. I wouldn’t mind turning my favorite movie into a book 🙂

7. Would you rather read a book with an annoying cliffhanger, or one where your favorite character is killed off? 

Out with their heads! I’m all about tragedies because the Greeks showed that “hey, man is mortal!” so I wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to my favorite character. I hate cliffhangers and you’d wonder why I haven’t quit reading all those romance novels that leave me asking “did they end up together?”

8. Would you rather lose the ability to read any new books, or the ability to reread books you’ve already read?

Okay, this is brutal!

Again, why?


9. Would you rather live in a library or a bookstore? 


10. Would you rather lose your place or get a paper cut every time you read a book? 

Paper cut, at least then I could always fist bump everyone I meet!

11. Would you rather have to always read in the dark, or always read books with tiny text? 

Read in the dark. I already do this…and something about books with tiny text has me smiling already…PS: Currently reading The Queen’s Fool by Philippa Gregory.

12. Would you rather read by a fireplace, or on the beach?



That’s all I’ve got for now!

Have an awesome week!

Reader Problems…We all have them

I came across this tag from Jade’s blog  Book Muffin and I had to give it a shot. The original creator of the tag posted this on YouTube.

How do you decide what book to read next?

It depends on what’s on my TBR list, but honestly:

Image result for complain about a book gif

If you’re not enjoying a book, do you DNF it, or do continue to the very end?

I continue to the very end. I have written a few books and I know the process of writing, so, if I am not enjoying the book sometimes I set it aside and return to it when I can, but I always finish books because someone went through a lot to get it done. I’ll admit that some BDSM novels always seem too much for me to handle and with such, I steer clear.

You’re behind on your Goodreads Reading Challenge, and the end of the year is near! Do you accept your fate or try your best to catch up?

I’ve never fallen behind on my Goodreads Challenge. I’ve however gone beyond the limit by 20 or 30 books. 🙂 No kidding- see for yourself here

2017 Reading Challenge2016 Reading Challenge2015 Reading Challenge2014 Reading Challenge2013 Reading Challenge2012 Reading Challenge

The covers of a series on your bookshelf don’t match, what do you do?

It’s okay, this does not bother me.

It’s their sizes that get to me and sometimes I want to slap the book publishers to get them to stick to one book size so they can align perfectly on a bookshelf!

Who do you turn to when you need to complain about a bad book that everyone else seems to like?

Peaches. He’s not an avid reader but when I rant, he seems know where I’m coming from always finishing by saying “so that means that I should not talk about that book or suggest it to anyone as a gift, okay.”

Image result for complain about a book gif

You’re in public and you’re about to start crying over a book, what do you do?

I cry.

Image result for don't take my book gif

I have cried in matatus and buses and with public transport I’m always seated at the back by the window looking out and crying my heart out.

The next book in a series has just been released, but you can’t remember a thing about the last book! Do you re-read the first book, look up the synopsis or just pretend you remember and read the sequel?

I re-read the first book, of course!

No one is allowed to borrow your books! How do you let them down gently?

No one is allowed to borrow my books or torture them with soup stains, coffee stains, tear stains and unacceptable bookmarks!

Image result for don't take my book gif

How do you get over a reading slump?

I read a romance novel!

Here’s the thing about the romance genre: you’ll always find a free book to read on Kindle! Wherever you are, if you have an eReader and internet connection, you can download a romance novel, read it in one sitting and you’re out of that slump!

All of your highly anticipated books are being released at the same time! Do you buy them all, or prioritize some over others?

I’ve read so many ebooks this year. If you’d have asked me this last year, I’d have said ‘buy them all.’ However this year, I downloaded samples on Kindle and chose the books I’d read based on the first sample chapter I’d read.

Once you’ve bought those highly anticipated books, do you pick them up straight away, or surrender them to your shelves for a year?

I pick them up straight away.

So, there you have it! I’d love to know your answers to the Reader problems, so share widely.