I feel like Summer.

Warmer, braver, lighter.

I feel like Summer,

so why do you act like it’s such a bummer?

I feel like Summer.

Lighter, warmer, happier.


Come to me.

No, run to me.

Come like thunder, blazing like lightning,

Set me ablaze, let’s burn.

I want you to keep coming,

At dawn, at dusk

In January, in November

With a pen in hand or a keyboard before me.

Come my way, won’t you?

Flow through me, come so I may write you down.


I want answers,

Not excuses or explanations,

I want answers,

To questions I ask with my eyes.

To the questions in my mind.

I want answers and that’s why every time you ask me,

“How are you doing?”

I tell you “Good.”

I want answers and until I hear your question just right,

I’ll always tell you lies.


We always come to this,

This moment, this time, this look

You and I.

We always come to this,

This feeling, this thought, this touch

You and I.

We always come to this,

I bet you’ll come after me,

hunt me down, burn the whole world to the ground,

as soon as I start loving somebody else.

You always come to this,

This moment, this feeling, this fear…



I thought I owed you,

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

‘Where are you going dressed like that?’

‘Who is he?’

‘When are you coming over?’

‘Can I buy you a drink?’

‘Will you take minutes?’

‘Could you listen to them?’

‘When will you have kids?’

‘Why aren’t you married?’

I truly thought I owed you,

So, I walked while looking over my shoulder,

Kept the memory of your hands, body on me, hidden,

a gift to the demons that plague me.

I thought I owed you,



I asked for time,

You wanted to dine.

I asked for time,

You asked why,

Is it worth a dime?

So, I watched you squirm, watched you act like you were building a castle.

I watched you tell everyone we were okay.

I watched you remind the world that:

“he who finds a wife…”


I asked for time and when you closed in on what I had,

I left.

Now, here I am listening to the sound of the fridge, reaching out for my phone as it charges,

Counting the many ways I tried to show you,

Love, what seemed like a minute request to you, was an eon of freedom,

to breathe, think, question, re-align, mold, challenge,

every fibre of my being.


We will find a place,

A shelter from the world,

From the likes, comments, tweets, retweets, re-posts, screenshots.

A world where you and I,

Dwell in solace.

We will find a place,

Where you and I would be,




You are like a wave,

swift, resilient, powerful, refreshing,

To be conquered by none but yourself.

So, here I stand, unhinged

Do as you wish,

Destroy me only if it means that you’ll let me adorn you with love.