I dream of a world…

I dream of a world, a world where…I don’t know. It just looks so crisp and clear in my mind, but when I try to write it down, then my fingers refuse to hover over this keyboard…I press “Enter” and nothing fills the screen like it does my mind.

A world…


I dream of what I have been taught to deem impossible: honesty, humanity, empathy, understanding, love.

I wonder what it feels like to be a Member of Parliament in Kenya. Isn’t it blissful to drive around in a Range Rover, splashing dirty water on the people who appointed you to be their representative? To sit back and watch Teachers and Doctors down their tools because they demand better working conditions and resources, and to simply say your pay package should be tripled? To eat samosas and drink tea along corridors, while street kids beg and watch you over the electric fence, being held back by young men with guns?

Is it not bliss?

To stand before the very same people you drive past, and say “if you elect me this round, I will bring good roads, our children will go to school, and our mothers will not die during delivery?” To stand and spew such words, you call them truth, and when you leave, you hand over twenty thousand shillings to a group of people and watch them punch each other for it.

I wonder, is it not blissful, to produce newspapers that only few can afford, a feeding of the mind, of information that is discussed and printed based on whose cheque has more zeroes and comas?

I dream of a world, a world that would be quite bland without a twinge of greed, lust, murder, deceit.

I wonder, is it really democracy when the decision of forty million people is left in the hands of around two hundred people? Is it democracy when we have to beg for donations, for other countries to feed our own children, while we drink tea and samosa at 10,000 shillings?

  • Sometimes, I dream of a world where in writing new worlds would be created that would do away with the grief of the current world.
  • A world where one who is accused of crimes against humanity and mass murders is not given the chance to vie for top leadership, until they are proven innocent.
  • A world where we are not told of what is wrong, but we see it and speak of of it and correct it.
  • A world where your name is just that, your name and not the root cause of all the prejudice and hate one has bee taught to feel.
  • A world where a child learns under a well built classroom, with a well motivated teacher, healthy classmates and most of all, the confidence of taking exams- not as a judgment, but as a refresher of what s/he has learned.

I dream and sometimes, I look at myself and wonder, what am I doing towards creating this world? Is it not in writing? Is it not through words, in my expression? Is it not through the initiatives I am engaged in?

The only question that remains is: is it enough?