I speak of the dawn more than dusk,

It’s the dusk I love, it’s the dawn I ask for.

So when the world settles on my shoulder, before my knees sink on the ground I place my hand on my chest, look for my heart, await the slight beating of it,

And I tell myself that I made it to this moment,

The journey is still on.


10 Japanese Proverbs that I love

What would the world be without pearls of wisdom? I’ve shared some of my favorite African proverbs and sayings here and this time around, I’d like to share 10 gems that I find intriguing from Japan.

Love without friendship is like the shadow without the sun.

The deepest river flows slowly.

If you believe everything you read, you shouldn’t read.

Nothing is more expensive than what is free.

The tongue is but three inches long yet it can kill a man six feet high.

In wealth, many friends, in poverty, not even relatives.

It is because of fools that wise men can stand out.

You don’t have to die. Heaven and Hell are in this world too.

When you have completed 95% of your journey, you are halfway there.

Experience is an expensive school, but a fool will learn from no other.

July: Updates on life, COVID-19, travel and stuff

It’s Wednesday and I am still wrapped up in a warm duvet as I type this on my phone. It’s my way of checking in with the blogging universe while doing everything I can to stay warm here in Nairobi.

I’ve been here for 3 days and I have consumed more coffee, worn more socks and sweaters than I could ever comprehend at such a time. It’s got me fully aware of how much I am sunny through and through and I know I will enjoy some heat when I travel back to Mbita soon.

Every time I come to Nairobi I love visiting places that call unto me like book shops and jewellery shops mostly to buy earrings and accessories that I wouldn’t get at a fair price either in Kisumu or Homabay. So this time around I got notebooks and pens from Miniso, body splash from a store in town and bookmarks from Hilton Arcade.

There’s something about freedom of movement that has me appreciating life pre-covid. We could breathe freely without masks, walk in and out of places without fear of contracting such a deadly virus and travel to places unhinged. Now, coming from a town where the curfew is at 7pm to a city where it’s 10pm, it’s given me more time to catch up with family while still adhering to social distancing rules and regulations and that is something I found so precious in such a long time. I truly hope that we would overcome this pandemic, build upon our health system and come August next year elect more leaders who are accountable to us and responsible in fulfilling their duties.

On writing: I have been writing and it’s good to have that going so I truly hope it’ll work out and I have to push the release date given how many rewrites I am engaging in.

All in all,it’s been a good week thus far and I hope for the very best going forward. Have an awesome week wherever you are.

April Favorites

On this first day of May, I find myself looking back at the month of April and there are a lot of things that I experienced, immersed myself in that made it an awesome month. So, here are my favorites:

  1. I got to spend time with my best friend, mentor and advisor and also with my Mom drinking coffee at Java. I learned that I love those impromptu dates with my Mom just talking over a meal.

2. Writing a story for Oaks and Crown Leadership Program. This is still ongoing and even though I was unwell for a while and could barely string along sentences, I feel so relieved and elated that I am still writing.

3. Books! I had two major book hauls in April and the most recent haul is one I look forward to because of the diverse authors.

4. I am eating healthy. Look, it’s tough sticking to a healthy diet when you live alone, but for me, the greatest nudge was a visit to the hospital and having the doctor look at me like I was killing myself-worse off during a pandemic! So, I started juicing to supplement my diet.

I love pineapples and cucumbers, so that’s more of what I blend.

5. Oh, and I am obsessed with Korean Dramas on Netflix! So, here are some I’d recommend: Run On, Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung, Legend of the Blue Sea, My Secret Romance, and above all if you have the time- please make time and watch It’s Okay to Not Be Okay…trust me, that’s an absolute fave!

Those are my top five faves for the month of April and I am much better physically and mentally as I write this, my greatest desire is that I get to write more this month- that I never get to check into a hospital for exhaustion or anemia, just for some more strength, less exhaustion and more love I guess.

Have an awesome month. Give love. Receive love.


Give yourself time

Time to unravel

To choose yourself above all else,

To love and lose,

To sink or swim,

To pick and choose.

Give yourself time,

Time to marvel,

At all the things you’ve done,

At all the things you’ve planned.

Give yourself time,

For you have this life,

Shouldn’t it be worth it?


Updates on the writing, reading and social life

So, the Corona Virus is still here and the only person who seems to be gaining more during this period, somehow happens to be borrowing money drowning a nation in debt and I’m all sorts of angry and disappointed, forgive my inability to punctuate my frustration.

Well, hello, so I have been trying my best to stay healthy, eat right, drink lots of water, keep my thoughts positive and it’s taking a toll on me.

On reading: I am reading a lot and buying more books, like this dandy collection I got yesterday.

On writing: I have three writing projects that have been causing me sleepless nights and two have been on hold for the longest time as I work hard on the final piece, a story The Adventures of Kiti and Kata, for Oaks & Crown Leadership Program.

Here are some awesome blogs that I have been irresistible company this week:

I am also loving the thought-provoking and honest conversations by Dr. Wandia Njoya on the YouTube Channel, Maisha Kazini.

And then let’s just say that I have always been drawn to Korean Drama from the very first time I watched Boys Over Flowers, so imagine coming across such a vast collection on Netflix! I absolutely swooned over and enjoyed every bit of Tale of the Nine Tailed and now, I am watching Goblin: The Great and Lonely god.

I am drawn to mythical creatures and anything that involves a tale or legend will have me looking not once but twice, and if it’s good enough, then I’ll watch it. This however still stumps me because for some reason, I am not loving the Chinese production, based on the book, The Ghost Bride as much as I truly wished I could.

All in all, I am taking each day, each moment as it comes. Have a great weekend!


I wanted,

No, I thought I wanted,

Maybe…look, would you listen?

I think I wanted what you laid out for me; trim figure, flawless skin, good grades, an 8 to 5 job, feet pounding the tarmac, making my way through every box you modeled for me.

I think I wanted it all because you made it seem like the conditions that would earn your love, your approval, your support… until it dawned on me that the life I was living was your’s never mine, your’s.

I wanted it all, because you made it feel like it was all there was to life.

Image courtesy of Pexels.

I wanted it, I worked for it. I earned it.

I fell under the weight of it.

You told me to get up; up from the pain, disappointment and what you called ‘laziness’ and every time I tried, I fell harder, sunk deeper, until I learned that I enjoyed being on my knees.

So, here I am and this is my desire: to live on my own terms.

New month, some new expectations and old fears

Hello September, it feels like I was enjoying the first week of March and then I blinked and you were at my doorstep!

Well, how are you holding up wherever you are? I’d say that this first day of September holds promise, but if there is anything I’ve learned during this COVID-19 pandemic is that you can plan all you want- but the universe still reigns, the only control you have is on your thoughts and how you choose to react to whatever happens. So, I am choosing positivity and let me tell you, it’s working out…slowly.

I read some good books this past month:

If there’s a movie I’d love to watch this month, it’s gotta be Love, Guaranteed- and it premieres on Netflix on 3rd September.

On writing: I haven’t written anything for most of the past two weeks and my sleep cycle is suffering more because I am worried about work projects and feeling like I have to do much more to impact the lives of children in terms of accessing quality education. I feel like I need to revise “In The Quiet” and explore the option of printing copies but even that is scaring me out of my wits.

I’ve received some good reviews of Zuri: The Chronicler of Enzi and I keep asking myself , what next? When and how? So, once I work myself to the right headspace, I’ll start the next writing project.

  • I carry the fear that we’d be staying at home longer due to this virus and also the fear that I may miss out on getting the facts right for my upcoming project.
  • I’m hopeful that I’ll get lots of writing done and ready for publication in the next two months.
  • I’m also super hopeful that I’ll stick to my workout regime this week, okay, let’s just try this week and see how it goes!

Until then, I’ll be reading one of my favorite Poets – Billy Chapata‘s upcoming release “Flowers on the Moon”

And so I say

Wake up every morning,

For another dawn is a blessing.

The air in your lungs, the breeze in your hair, the weary of what next,

Is the day’s gift unto you, unwrap it with glee, send a text.

Live, laugh, love, sleep in,

Write that book you’ve always wanted to write.

Sing out loud in the shower,

Drink that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for an occassion.

And so I say, life’s still worth living.

Photo of Woman Wearing Eyeglasses
Jawm Ling took this stunning photo! http://www.pexels.com