Updates on life, 2020 goals and everything in between

Life! Well, it’s been one rollercoaster and at some point, I felt so overwhelmed by what was happening that I took a break from writing and in that one week, I set aside everything including my NanoWrimo project.

The good news here is that yes, I aced this year’s NanoWrimo and managed to scribble 55,751words. Don’t ask me about what I wrote because it’s all messed up. I know because I checked and nearly lost my wits so I will let it simmer.

2020 goals: This was set to be my year, where I would workout consistently, eat healthy, write more, join a Writer’s network and invest in postgraduate education. I hadn’t written action plans for all these things, except for writing. And in true form I managed to write, edit and publish one book: Zuri: The Chronicler of Enzi. When it became clear that there would be prolonged restrictions in an attempt to curb the spread of covid-19, I found myself slacking on my goals and in the first week of this month as I was reading through my journal, I came across all the things I was excited to do and it hit me that I took in so much that was happening around me that I forgot to reinforce what’s within me.

So, like the rollercoaster we’ve been on, I installed the 30 day fitness app again🙄 and I have managed to set times for working out. I am on day 4 and already loving the “Rest Day.”🧡

On writing: I just have this awesome idea that sprung up on me as I was writing my NanoWrimo project and I live for visuals when I am writing, so here is what is motivating me to explore it.

On reading: This month’s been a thrill and I’ve read a couple of books that made it easier to get lost in the written world.

  • The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard
  • Diamond Eye by Arthur Rosenfeld

I am currently reading:

I am learning to write goals, and then break them down to tasks that I can do every day or hour so that I am not overwhelmed by the desire to accomplish them. I call it my 30 day reset and it started with uninstalling the Facebook app from my phone plus messenger so I can focus more.

I have also set a writing schedule so I have ample time to revise my draft and write some more because I love having to write and publish a book over the Easter holidays, it kinda gives my readers and major fans here in Kenya (they’re 14 of them 💛😉) something to read over a 3day holiday break

On education: I am still keen on gaining skills and knowledge and I’ll put it out into the universe, may it bring me my desires and success in my quest to pursue policy writing and formulation in the field of Education here in Kenya. I feel like I’ve been on the ground toiling and working with rural communities to improve public primary schools and it’s a great achievement, however I can scale it up, I can see the need for social investment in children on the value of quality education, across the country and what better way to do this than ensuring the policies written and implemented by the state actually serve this need? I’m all about it and I’ll keep working on it, seeking programs, partnerships, scholarships to see it come to be.

It’s been a hectic month for me, and I am hoping for a better now, tomorrow and to be honest, it’s a working progress and I love that I am envisioning it and calling it into being.

2 quick questions: What are you reading this weekend? What are you setting your heart on right now?


Where do you go when you’re hurting?

Within. Without. Yonder?


Do you take a bus, walk, sit and close your eyes to get there…or do you find yourself there at dawn, restless, nostalgic, but conscious of how much you’ve done to stop hurting but nothing has worked?

Tell, me…

Where do you go when you’re hurting?

For, the place you seek solace can also be your prison…so, tell me, for my soul yearns to know, to listen to another soul that’s been where I am…

And in all you do, would you please do me a favor?

Wherever it is that you run to, I hope you never let it dim that light in you, because we need it.


Never count sand in the morning,

You’ll never get past the first grain you behold,

And in so doing, the sun will go to sleep and so will the sun within you.

Grayscale Photo of Braided Hair Woman

Never count the lashes they give you,

Your scars will always remind you of how many times they broke you.

Never hold onto the bile in your heart,

It may spread into your soul and once that goes dark,

death looms and there is nothing as worse as the death of the soul while the body still lives.

Never let those who choose to see you kneel before them break your spirit,

Rise up even if it’s one toe at time,

Rise up Child,

For your spirit is from those of old, eons of prosperity and pain, and you only heard of what the phoenix could do, but have you ever asked yourself what the Sun’s been doing every day?

You are it, Child, so fight for it, forgive to heal and rebuild, fight…



Come to me, unlike any other thought,

Surprise me, like an after-thought,

Come to me, like a spice,

Paprika, Cayenne Pepper, Tumeric, Cummin, Cardamom, Ginger…

Come to me in a way that leaves not just a mark, not just a taste,

But an after-taste…so take your time,

Love yourself

Learn and unlearn yourself…and then…come to me!

Person in Gray Coat Holding Black Hat

8 Funny African Proverbs

I love African proverbs and sayings. While they often hold quite some truth to them, others inspire, challenge, question and others are down right hilarious.

So, here are eight of some of the African Proverbs that crack me up!

  1. A person who sells eggs should not start a fight in the market.
  2. However much the buttocks are in a hurry, they will always remain behind.
  3. When the mouse laughs at a cat, there is a hole nearby.
  4. Anger, no matter how hot it is, can never cook yam.
  5. A goat’s frown cannot stop it from being taken to the market.
  6. You cannot run and scratch your buttocks at the same time.
  7. A flea can trouble a lion more than a lion can trouble a flea.
  8. Do not follow a person who is running away.

Happy Woman

May I take your order please?

Yes You may,

Dear Universe,

Look, I am not asking for much, it would be nice to sit down every evening and enjoy a cup of coffee with a beautiful soul.

Photo of Cups On Wooden Tray

Is this too much to ask?

I know there are wars, chaos and other areas that you may be heeding their call right now, and that’s alright, please protect the children…for I know what it’s like trying to undo hate or a thirst for vengeance instilled in one as a child, it’s painful.

I was sitting here, sipping my coffee and watching the latest episode of Red Table Talk when I thought I’d reach out to you.

A warm heart, a gentle soul, one who is love…

I thought, what would it be like to enjoy a warm cup of coffee with a beautiful soul once in a while

Then I thought of the conversations I’ve had with friends, my Mom, my Sisters and a bit of warmth filled this empty house and suddenly, I heard you ask, “May I take your order please?”

Yes, Universe, you may!


I once heard that those who came before me,

Years and years before the inception of the alphabet,

These people traveled the skies,

Soared on earth and relished worlds,

“How did they do this?” I asked.

“How did they know where to go without a map?”

“Oh…you silly child,” she said, “they knew because their souls knew where to turn left, right, where to catch a breath, where to lay down their heads and where to sprint.”

“How come?” I asked.

“Well, nowadays you have all these maps, all these signs leading you everywhere but nowhere. You are lost because you do not chart your own path…you strive to be like everyone else and what a sad life you lead…you take pictures to show strangers that you are happy, yet your own soul is unknown to you…all these maps…”

Close-up Photo of Woman With White Tattoo

August: Updates on reading, writing, travel and love

I have been writing this post in my head for the past eight days. Procrastination is the fuel that I can never shake off, just like my love for pencils and erasers, I know how to put something on hold until I cannot anymore.

This is evident in my writing and publishing journey and for a long time the pressure to just get up and do it, haunted me, until I woke up one day and shoved it down my throat with a slice of chocolate cake at Java.

August is here and I love the sun! I am loving the heat more than I thought I would 🙂

On reading: I have been reading some awesome titles and sharing my views on them on Netgalley, Goodreads and Amazon. On working with people and building relationships, I got to read People First by Mike Nutley. On always staying on top of your game, taking a step back, re-evaluating your goals and pressing on, I got to read Tired of being Tired by Juliet Jones.

I’m currently enjoying Scout by Sanjiv Lingard about this 17 year old girl, Scout, who has the ability of tracking. It started with her being able to find any misplaced item, to her Mother-when she would up and leave, and now the police want her to help them find a missing child.

On writing: My most recent posts have been inspired by love and I am glad that happened, however, I am looking forward to improving my focus on writing a full length novel by September whilst talking to a Publisher here in Kenya, to work on some terms of engagement that would lead to publishing the manuscript.

On travel: I was looking forward to traveling this first week of August but had to cancel my plans due to a pending meeting at work. However, I’m not bummed by it because this meeting means a lot more to me, for it will chart the course for the next projects I’d like to work towards.

I did however get on a matatu to Kisumu so fast when I heard that my nephew was around looking forward to spending his holiday in the city. We always have a good time together and I hadn’t seen him in a month!


On love: I wish I had the right words to explain this and more so, to name the precise moment that I had an epiphany on love. The truth is, the greatest thing I’ve learned this year is that love comes from within and the most difficult journey is loving yourself first and always. If you achieve this, then for some reason, the world is drawn to this light that stems from you and that’s where it gets tricky…and I really wish someone would explain to me why it is that when you meet someone, suddenly everyone wants you too?

So, this August I am challenging myself  and I came across this Ted Talk at the right time because I’d love to try something new every day for the next 30 days!

How’s your August thus far?

Have a wonderful new month!


I live for the sunrise

For that moment when bright rays summon me from the thoughts and visions that haunt me at night, just to shake me up and say, “hey, here’s a new day!”

selective focus photography of green leaf plant

I live for the sunrise,

My ancestors; the women and men long gone, who knew how to count the days and mastered the seasons before someone came up with a calendar.

These little things…glitter in my soul, rays of light, rays of hope…and when it comes down to it, every breath is as bright as it can be, before I face the day.

I live for the sunrise because each dawn means I have a chance to make my life count…not to the world, but to me first.