Saturday: Take a Chance

Matthew parked outside Diana’s apartment block.

He had called earlier to confirm if their lunch date was on, and she had mumbled a few things, one along the lines of affirmation.

Their night out had involved watching her dancing and loosen up, in between breaks she would catch his eye and then lose herself in the music. He adjusted his car seat, leaned back in for a short nap as he waited.

Diana tapped the window as soon as she was close enough to see that Matthew was inside the car.

“Hey…sorry, I was just resting a bit as I waited for you. Are you ready to go?”

“I am here, aren’t I?”

“Yes it seems you are.”

“Thanks for coming to get me. So, where are we going for lunch?”

“There’s this cool place in Mlolongo, if you are up for a road trip, we could make it there and back, what do you say?”

“Okay, besides, I do not have to be at work this Monday, so I have all the time in the world, let’s go.”

“Look, about that, will you be coming back? I mean, it just feels like you have accepted the Director’s decision so easily, I don’t know…if it were me, I’d put up a fight.”

“Look, you mean well, and some part of you feels like I have been wronged, but if there is something that I learned a long time ago is that, if someone pays me to work, they can decide to stop paying me. Now, the Director has not stopped paying me, he has reduced my responsibilities and I have a few weeks to make things right, to seek other opportunities or even take a break and re-evaluate my role in this company.”

“But, you’ve been here for three years, that guy came this year, how is it that he gets first priority?”

“He is family and if the boss thinks he’s important, then so be it.”

“Will you be coming back to work after your vacation?”

It might have been the same smile that she gave him, or how she shook her head as she strapped herself using the seat belt that made him look out the window. He’d not turned on the ignition but even then, he could not help the feeling that filled him whenever he was around Diana.

She was bossy, unpredictable, fun and sometimes completely selfish- and he knew a thing or two about office romance, besides there was that time he hooked up with the ka-light chic at the reception. There was also the time when he could not help but take that partner to Mombasa, but with Diana, he couldn’t figure out where they stood.

She’d not answered him and he knew she would not.

For the love of his sanity, he could not understand just how much he wished she would stay and choose him, well…if she could choose him and keep him, then he’d be glad, but even then, would she come back?

Friday: Can we talk for a minute?

Fridays were Matthew’s worst work days. He rated Fridays high up with Wednesdays because all requisitions and budgets had to be approved by the various signatories by Friday and this back and forth prevented him from enjoying the ‘furahi day’ hype.

At the morning brief, he’d shied away from any updates until the Director looked his way and even then, he knew he would have to speak up.

“How are we doing accounts wise Matthew?”

“Salaries should have reflected in everyone’s accounts by 5pm yesterday. I think we are good on that front. If there’s anyone who has any concern regarding their salary they can either see the HR or come to the accounts department after confirming details with the HR.”

“Thank you Matthew. Now, I would also like to say that from September, Charles would be heading the Marketing department, we are switching things up, making a few moves here and there to ensure creativity and that we meet the needs of our clients.”

He’d looked at Diana but she would not meet his eyes. Everyone in the room tried to get her attention, but she was not having none of it. He had made his way straight to his office and was welcomed by a full tray of files and invoices which he started going through.

Diana went straight to her desk after the meeting. Helen and James caught up with her and it was James who spoke up, “Dee, did you know about the Director’s decision?”

“No, I had a feeling that he would give Charles the upper hand but I did not expect this.”

“Why didn’t you speak up?”

“Helen, do I own this company?”

“No, but you contribute to its success! Wewe, unajua Charles, he is going to act like he’s a god and make us do all the work then take the credit! He does not like me, Dee! Do you remember when he said that I was just a blonde barbie? What are we going to do about this?”

“The Director said Charles would head the marketing department and as far as I am concerned we are the Marketing and PR department. Relax, it’s just work, right? Give Charles a chance, he’s your boss now.”

“Wait…what do you mean our boss? Dee?”

“Helen, please don’t stress about it, it’s just work…now, I have to go and congratulate Charles.”

Diana did not wait for them to convince her otherwise. She looked back at them as she descended the stairs and smiled. Her Friday was turning into one unexpected festival and she couldn’t help but smile about it. She was looking forward to that tea break!

Charles had his back to the door when Diana walked into his office.

His desk was stacked with boxes with the computer gathering dust on the far end of it. She waited for him to turn towards her.

“So, you finally came to your senses?” he asked.

“Congratulations Charles. I look forward to seeing more of your concepts this coming month.”

“Well, thanks.”

Diana straightened her skirt, brushing her fingers slightly on her wrist watch, she smiled once more at him and took the exit.

She was heading to the kitchenette hoping to get Martha to save her a chapati when Matthew called her. She looked up, waved and he signaled her up to his office. She shook her head and pointed down. He shook his head, held out one finger- but she insisted, pointed down and crossed her arms across her chest.

Matthew took the stairs two at time almost barreling into another staff as he made his way to Diana.

“Why couldn’t you come up to my office Diana?”

“Why couldn’t you come down to me, Matthew?”

“I see, I’m not going to win this argument, so tell me, how are you holding up?”

“I’m fine. I was just going to the kitchenette to ask Martha to save me a chapo, do you want one?”

“Wait, chapo? Now? Why? Are you that hungry?”

“Yes, besides, now that you are here, we can have an early tea break. Let’s go.”

Diana took his hand and dragged him to the kitchenette, and Matthew who followed couldn’t help but smile. She was crazy that much was obvious, but something about her joy reminded him of a devious plan. He took in her legs, lean arms and hips as she led him.

“Diana, can we talk for a minute?”

She pulled him into the kitchenette and went on to set aside tea cups as he watched. She pointed to a table on the balcony where he proceeded to sit. It was a dull morning, the kind that promised no sunshine, but lots of drizzles and dark clouds. How could she be happy with the Director’s decision? How could she be this happy on such a day? He was caught up in his thoughts that he startled when her hand covered his. He looked at her hand and then into her eyes, “why are you surprised Matthew?”

“Well, I am not surprised…I mean, like, wait…what are you doing?”

“I am sitting here, having tea and chapo and waiting to hear what this talk is all about.”

“Um, okay…well, so, um…thanks for the tea.”

“Matthew, just spit it.”

“What are you doing this evening?”

“I feel like going out.”

“Out as in out out?”

“Wait, are you eighteen or something? Yes, I feel like going out, dancing and just having a good time!”

“Are you okay Diana? You are acting weird. I mean, first you say nothing during the meeting and now instead of fighting for your position, you are busy smiling and playing nice, aren’t you pissed off?”

“Matthew, I am beyond pissed! I am vexed but grammar aside, I am choosing to fight my own battles. The Director still maintains my salary, he has reduced my responsibilities and now I have the opportunity to build on my portfolio. I am also getting a two week vacation which is just the icing on the cake.”

“Diana, look…he may be playing nice before he decides to fire you.”

“It’s just work Matthew.”

“No, it’s not just work Diana. This is your investment, your expertise, your knowledge, your time and your personality. Do you know how pathetic that guy was at the pitch meeting? I mean, you had to step in and tone down the ego in that room to make the clients understand the angle of advertising that your team had created! It’s not just work!”

“So, we are way over a minute, Matthew, what did you want to talk about?”

“I was wondering, that is if, you’d like to go out with me. I know this nice restaurant in Upperhill that I’d like to dine at, but only if you’d want to. I understand that you have a lot on your plate and maybe, I don’t know…”

“Matthew, what’s the question?”

“Would you like to go out on a date with me?”



“If that’s a foreign word to you, I could always say “No,” and then we can see where this goes.”

Diana withdrew her hand just in time to see Charles and the Director walking towards the balcony each with a cup of tea in their hand. It was ten minutes to the ten o’clock tea break.

She smiled.

Thursday: Phonecalls

Diana had come to two conclusions: she would ask the Director to assign Charles a team and she would spend as much time as she wished with Matthew. The first conclusion was well received by her boss but not so much by Charles who had the audacity to ask “what work does she have that makes her so busy?”

In true Diana form, she had answered him right there, “you could always try and know just how much, by pushing for my termination and then taking my job, or better yet, you could get years of experience.”

The Director had just sighed and asked Charles to leave his office. Diana was too restless to sit down and even as she felt him get out of his seat and move towards her, she could not simmer down, “Diana, you have been working with me for three years. In those three years, I have never had any cause for alarm, because you are well aware of what your duties are. Charles is a boy, he is yet to grow up.”

“Sir, that is where you are wrong! He is paying taxes and to me that’s not a boy! He is responsible enough to want attention and credit but he does not want to work for it.”

“You are right.”

“I know he is your family. I know that you are doing your very best to keep him focused, but you ought to warn him, because the more he goes around telling everyone that he is in-charge, the less they’ll respect you and that is not fair.”

“So, are you worried about the level of respect I command or the fact that Charles is slacking off?”

“The latter will result into the former, Sir.”

“You always speak your mind Diana, be careful with that. Everyone is not as accommodating as I am.”

It did not come to a surprise to her when she bumped into Christina during tea break. The weather had been all over the place and what started as part chilly was now breaking into a full blown drizzle.

She was happy that her negotiation with the Director had earned her a raise. It was about time she got that and now, if she could focus on her studies, she could look into a higher position by the end of the year.

“So, tell me Dee, how’s it going with your new man?”

“What man?”

“Ai, si, you and Mattoh, ama you guys are not a thing? And don’t tell me you are just friends, because the high and mighty math guru does not just come to your floor to count numbers. I hear he was very worried when you did not show up to work, so tell me, how are things with him?”

“You have told me not to tell you, so I won’t.”

“Eish, kwani, what do you mean?”

“You said it, you don’t want to hear that we are just friends, so there’s nothing for me to tell you.”

“I can’ believe you! But, listen, listen, so do you like him or are you just a ka-watermelon?”

“What do you mean by ka-watermelon?”

“I mean, are you fifty fifty about him?”

“Look, you are going to arrive to a different conclusion, no matter what I say and that’s okay with me, but when you think about it, let me know and maybe I could listen to what you have to say.”

“Ooh, okay, sawa tu, so now you won’t tell your friend anything.”

“We are not friends, you only approach me for entertainment, please.”

“Eish, and you are in some mood today, ama bae did not call you so now you are mad?”

Diana sipped her tea, flashed Christina a smile and reached for her phone.


It took every ounce of resolve he had not to reach out and shake Diana. Did she like him? Maybe, but even if she did not, what use was it seeking him when she needed him? He could do better, but even then, there was something about her that called out to him.

He would never admit to his friends his reason for staying at the company.

He would never even let her know just how much he sought her presence, listening in for her input during weekly meetings, leaning towards her as she spoke or even just walking her to the bus stop.

When he snapped out of his reverie, she’d taken a step back and was rubbing her forehead. “Look, Matthew, I am not the best company today. Can we go through that document tomorrow?”

“Go home Diana, we’ll work on this whenever you want to. No pressure.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, now go home, get some rest.”


She’d then taken the stairs her hand caressing the rail as she descended, every step, as measured as her conflicting thoughts and there was nothing Matthew could do about it. She was at the realm of her department and someone as minute as Charles couldn’t help but make it impossible for her to excel.

Wednesday mornings were learning sessions at the company and Matthew knew how to wiggle his way out the sessions because one, he hated taking that half hour learning when he ought to consolidate budgets and two, sometimes the sessions involved webinars that he could seek out in his own time.

He took out his phone to dial Diana’s number. His thoughts went back to the conversation they had yesterday and he slid his phone into his pocket. If she needed him, she would come to him.

There was a meeting he had been scheduled to attend later on in the day. He thought of driving to the other end of town and it killed him because that meant spending a fortune on petrol. He could do well with parking his car outside his apartment, it’d save him a lot, but boarding matatus was not his cup of tea.

He pushed in the door to his office and the first person he saw was Diana sitting on his chair, a highlighter in her hand with a document that was more green than it had been black and white.

“You are sitting in my chair.”

“Good morning to you too Matthew, it’s the only comfortable one I could find, besides they were cleaning the other offices. Are you going to sit down or just stand there staring at me?”

“You know what, I just don’t get you…like, I mean…you know what, forget it, you are here.”

“I am here.”



Tuesday: Staplers

Diana thrust the documents into Helen’s hands after the meeting. She needed a drink, something hot and bitter to save her from the rage within.

She had refused to share details of the conversation she had with the Director with anyone in the office. The rumors swirled. She would not cower, Charles had been the wrong person to assign the marketing role, and she’d said so, but she had never thought she would be picking his slack.

Reviewing every report and action Charles took was something she had never signed up on.


She looked around the office, grabbed her handbag and took to the stairs.

Matthew met her on the second floor landing. He looked from her bag to her coat and neither spoke for a moment. He stepped aside and she continued walking.

He watched her descend four more steps before she stopped and turned to him, “Aren’t you going to ask where I am going?”

“No, if you feel the need to tell me, I know you will. I called you yesterday.”

“Yes, I saw your missed calls but I didn’t have time to get back to you. Did you need something?”

“I was calling to check up on you.”

“I am fine, now I have to leave this building before I lose all my senses.”

“Do you need company?”

“I am not very good company Matthew. Look, you are a good guy, kind and you put up with me but listen, there’s just…don’t hassle.”

“The nice guy speech? So, I have officially been put in the friend zone, is that it?”

“Look, Matthew, it’s too early to get into an argument, thinking of which, where were you going to? This is not your floor.”

“I was coming to you. There’s a budget that Charles sent that I have rejected and he’s not making any amendments I suggest, so the boss asked me to talk to you.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, and it’s like a bad time, si, I’ll come later.”

“How about tomorrow? I just can’t deal right now.”

“If you need company, I can drive you around town for a while and give you time to think and all.”

“Don’t you have work to do?”

“Kazi mob sana, but it was a suggestion, you can take it or leave it.” Diana took the four stairs back to Matthew, he was still holding the green file in his hand. He smirked as she approached, “You can be mean sometimes Matthew. I’ll see you tomorrow, you can drive around town by yourself if you choose to. While we are at it, don’t call me unless it’s something important.”





Matthew made his way to Diana’s desk as soon as he got off the lift.

It was eleven o’clock and the assurance he had that she was at work was seeing that she’d signed in at the reception desk. He would not admit that getting that information from the ladies at the front desk involved him hearing that he’d softened up the lemon of the office.

She was on phone when he approached and signaled him to take the seat next to her. He looked around the office as she chatted away.

“So, how are you today? Thanks for checking up on me.”

“I am fine and that’s a start, so what happened?”

“It’s like I told you, I needed time to work on some reports and a call from the Director gave me just that.”

“Are you sure that it’s nothing to do with Charles?”

“Look, maybe we could talk about it later, but there is this meeting that I have to set up and everyone including the Director is dreading it.”

“I just came in to check up on you. If you are doing well, then I’m good. So, what are you doing after work?”

“I am going home.”

“Wait, it’s a Friday, what are you doing, going home early?”

“I need to get some sleep so…now going out and all that.”

Matthew leaned in a said “We’ll see about that,” and smiled.

As he got to his feet, Helen, giggled and after one look from Diana she said “did you see what he was wearing?”

“Yeah, clothes.”

“He’s wearing a white shirt!”


“Haiya, kwani you…haven’t you ever noticed that he’s never, like never come to work in a white shirt?”


Thursday: Grey

Matthew stepped out of the lift during tea-break and walked towards Diana’s office.

Her desk was empty.

He’d dialed her number twice but there was no response. He set the cup of tea on her desk and turned to the lady sitting opposite her desk.

“Hi, has Diana come in today?”

“No, she’s not. Charles came looking for her too but I told him she had not reported today.”

“Is she sick or something?”

“I don’t know. She’s never missed a day of work, maybe something came up, but look, have you called her?”

“Yes, she’s not answering.”

“Which number?”

“Her Safaricom number.”

“Here, let me write for you her Airtel number, just make sure she’s okay, look, I am not being nosy or anything, but that Charles, he’s looking for any reason to take up her job, and between you and me, he’s almost there.”

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.”

He took the paper from her, keyed in the number on his phone, saved it and made his way back to the lift.

Wednesday: Green

Diana was thrilled to be at work.

There were seven days to pay day and Matthew had promised her that this month, they’d receive their salaries two days earlier because the signatories would be out of the country. He had also bragged about ensuring that the HR finally had the new software she needed to process the payroll.

Truly speaking, his words were of no concern to her, save for the fact that she would be getting her salary real soon. It also meant that she could deposit her chama contribution before the 6th day of the next month.

There was also the SGR package that she wanted to get to Mombasa courtesy of Bonfire Adventures for her upcoming leave.

Last week’s confrontation with Charles had earned her a meeting with the Director where she laid her cards bare. His calm demeanor as she expressed her dissatisfaction with Charles work had earned her the Director’s respect and inasmuch as he apologized, he ensured that Charles was assigned another project that would ensure they never butt heads in the office. She found it less of a compromise, but it was neither her company nor her venture capital and she settled for peace.

As she read Charles email requesting her presence at a pitch for a client, Diana could do nothing but roll her eyes. There was something sleazy and downright off about Charles. If there was someone that she could turn into chewing gum, it’d be him. Her parents had often told her to cool her wrath and though they were wiser, she could not cool it around Charles.

She called Michael and Helen who were just settling in and shared the email with them. None of them had any idea of what and to whom Charles was pitching that morning. She called the Creative desk for information and received a summary that was neither appealing nor sensible, but she knew that the Creatives were never good at conversation. They could sketch the gods or design a program that could take you to another dimension, but ten minutes in their company was enough to either make you dumb or insane.

Getting off her seat and walking to the lift, she felt as though Charles was picking a battle with her, but even then, she was not in a fighting mood. Her salary was coming soon and she wanted that holiday package!

“What are you smiling about?”

“Oh, hi Matthew, how are you today?”

“I am fine thank you, so are you getting in or not?”

“Oh, sorry, I just zoned out for a second, I’m definitely getting in.”

“You zoned out for more than a minute, I know that look, everyone has been saying hi to me or just smiling at me today, it’s pay week and people are nice.”

“So, are you suggesting that I am being nice to you because you are doing your job?”

“Eish! Am I being summoned to the Principal’s office? It was on a light note, and where are you off to? Si, I thought the second floor was off limits to your kind of people?”

“Ha ha! Funny! I just got an email from Charles, he wants me to attend some pitch meeting but I have no details.”

“Oh, Charles…the one whom you threatened and he ran to the Director?”

“Wait, does everyone in this company know that? Why are people so nosy?”

“They are not, oh, and I’m giving you a heads up. I am also going to be attending that meeting, but now we are on my floor.”

“Wait, I pressed two!”

“I know, but you were talking, besides, I have something to show you and we both know that our people rarely come down to your floor.”

“What is it with you and talk of ‘our people’ ‘your people’ did someone offend you this morning?”

“Enough, Diana, come sit down. I got you something.”

Diana sat down but her eyes were glued to the door. Matthew was a nice guy. He was intelligent, tall (not her kind of tall), great company and he had a warm smile. The kind of smile that grew on you.

She did not want things to get complicated and for once, she could not summon the courage to table her fears.

He took off his coat and then handed her a ticket. “What is this?”

“It’s a ticket to a play.”

“I can see that it is a ticket and to a play this Friday evening, so, why should I go?”

“You are not going to make this easy for me are you?”

“Make what easy?”

“I see. Well, here’s the deal, I would like you to accompany me this Friday evening, I’d like us to watch this play.”

“What if I have plans?”

“Do you have plans?”

“Not yet, but I might.”

“Diana, this is not a business transaction, would you come watch the play, besides, you could learn a thing or two that’ll help you.”

“Really? Like the Art place we visited last Saturday?”

“Something like that.”

She was going to turn him down but then she noticed that the shirt he was wearing was a nice shade of green.

“Matthew, are you wearing a mint shirt?”

“Excuse me?”

“Your shirt, the color, it’s mint?”

“No, it’s green.”

“Trust me Matthew, it’s mint!”

“Mint, like chewing gum, mint?”

“No! It’s mint, a nice shade of green. I like it.”

“Um…okay, yeah…sawa, thanks.”

She stood up and left, her heels digging into the carpet as she walked to the lift. His gaze lingered on her before he heard someone clear their throat. He turned and Zach was there, a grin on his face, “wewe kwisha!”

Tuesday: Brown

Walking to work from the bus stop was the one thing Diana hated to do, especially if it involved light showers and morning chills. She needed to cut down costs so as to make her finances work for her till pay day.

This August had been the worst month because she had moved houses and now had to deal with new neighbors who knew nothing about keeping their music preference to themselves. There was also the tenant in the main house who made it a habit to show up after midnight, his car tyres grinding the gravel like they were administering punishment. The last and worst of all had to be their dog, Juno or Jano, whatever the mutt’s name was, she could not stand the bursts of howls into the night, or his barking at shadows.

She loved her new place. It was cosy and spacious.

It was the one place she could simply be.

Now, after spending on moving and new furniture and clothes she had to cut costs on daily expenditure and that meant getting rained on in the morning.

She signed in at the reception, said hello to the ladies and as she was walking to the lift, Gladys called out to her.

“Haiya! You are not enjoying the free public holiday?”

“I wish! I have three reports to submit today, I had to convince HR to let me work for a few hours and then I’d be out, Boss amecome?”

“Ai, no way, but you know him. Atakuja alafu aishi hapa mpaka kesho!”

Her mind was still reeling from how easy it was to talk to Matthew about budget concerns, her work and art. She never thanked him for being good company on Saturday, and she never did say the same yesterday as they walked to the bus stop.

She knew he had a car, but she did not ask why he chose to walk her to the bus stop. Each moment seemed to add onto a sensation, a confidence that she enjoyed. As she put her bag on her desk and reached out for the pack of soft tissues, she heard someone call out to her down the hall. She looked around and walked towards the exit of the office floor, Matthew was waving at her, “Pick your office phone.”

“Okay.” She walked back to her desk and picked the phone at the third ring.

“Good morning, you came in early and so I thought, I’d say hello.”

“Hello, Matthew, you could have just come down and said as much.”

“This is better, we have to make use of company resources at some time. Did you get rained on?”

“Yes, I walked from the bus stop.”

“Sorry, I can get you some sugar, that’s if you still don’t have any and maybe you could have that green tea you love.”

“Yes, please, thank you.”

“I’ll be there shortly.”

When he walked into her office, Diana had removed her shoes and jacket and was busy wiping her feet dry. She turned to look at him, smiled and he could not for the sake of fate understand just how they both wore brown to work.

Friday: You see what you see, others see what you don’t

Diana did not attend the Friday morning briefing meeting. She had two reasons for her absence. One reason was valid while the other was majorly an excuse but she could not bring herself to admitting it, not even when she was summoned to the Director’s office later on before tea break.

She had learned two things in her short professional life; if she could be hired, she could be fired and that she had no friends at work.

Christina walked up to her during tea break, her vanilla scented perfume filling the room as her heels endlessly tapped the tiled floor.

“Hi Dee, so tell me, what is this I hear about the beef between you and Charles?”

“What do you hear?”

“Rumor has it that you poured cold water on the guy asking him to cool down the “I am the Director’s cousin, card” that he’d been playing ever since he got here. So, is that why the boss summoned you into his office?”


“Okay and what’s with you and TDH at Accounts?”

“Sorry…what’s that? Is it a new software or something?”

“Aki I swear, you are slow sometimes Dee, I am talking about Mattoh, the tall, dark and very handsome Accounts Manager who never talks to anyone who is mathematically challenged like us minions. He suddenly asks to meet you and then you two take a drive out to talk budgets and suddenly he is smiling and chatting to people, in fact, talk of the devil…he’s just walked in.”

Diana looked in the direction her colleague was looking and saw Matthew walk in, when his eyes met hers, he smiled. Her mind drifted back to Diana’s description of the man, and she could see bits of the handsome, not the dark or her kind of tall, but he did know how to pick his shirts. She smiled back and waved him over.

She kept her eyes on him until he got to them and then she introduced him to Christina.

Her colleague giggled and excused herself.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling great and you?”

“Well, I’m good, your friend told us that you were unwell and that’s why you missed this morning’s meeting. I am glad to hear you are feeling better.”

“Which friend?”

“The one you introduced me to right now.”

“Well, it’s great that she spoke for me.”

“She meant well, maybe, so what are you having?”

“Green tea.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s healthy tea, would you like to try it?”

“No thanks, I will stick to my drinking chocolate, maybe another time, I am not feeling adventurous this morning, there’s a pile of work that’s bugging me.”

“You’ll manage, you know your figures so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“No, but it’s a Friday and I need to unwind, catch up with sleep and all that.”

“I see.”

“Wait…what are you doing this weekend?”

“Sleeping…I am definitely sleeping. I will do some laundry and maybe go to the salon or market, but that’s just it, why?”

“There’s this place, I believe you’d love, I mean it’s all about art and creativity and the walls are colorful, maybe we could check it out, if you don’t mind.”

“It sounds like something I’d love, okay, sure, why not…but I hope you are not taking me to some dingy place.”

“Define dingy.”

“See you then Matthew, now let me get back to my desk and wrap up my report.”

“Yes, sure.”