Monday Coffee

I haven’t written another book since wrapping up Sifuna, I fear I may be going crazy.

Not crazy in a downward spiral way, but crazy enough to be restless and spendthrift in buying pencils, writing paper, stick-notes, highlighters and my latest craze is 30 centimeter rulers! I’ve just bought two.

What for?

Well, it so happens that I have these flashes of ideas that are so perfect you’d think they’d make the perfect book, but once I jot them down, then they fizzle out! Just like that!

So, here I am releasing my pent up frustrations to the blogiverse hoping that I’ll be able to settle down and work on a plan…calm my mind and start on something.


So, I’m mulling this over a cup of coffee and listening to my colleague’s rhumba mix which is slowly inducing me to sleep, but he puts up with my classical music so I cannot complain.

Have a lovely week.