I speak of the dawn more than dusk,

It’s the dusk I love, it’s the dawn I ask for.

So when the world settles on my shoulder, before my knees sink on the ground I place my hand on my chest, look for my heart, await the slight beating of it,

And I tell myself that I made it to this moment,

The journey is still on.



I look for you when the world is quiet,

When you aren’t waiting for their likes,

retweets, comments, reposts…

I look for you when the world is loud,

When their judgment condemns you,

When you want to travel to the end of the world and stay there.

I look for you because I find you in extremes,

So when you stop to catch your breath,

I hope then you will choose me,

You’ll love me not by their ratings or your desire to meet their expectations.

I await your embrace.



Come to me.

No, run to me.

Come like thunder, blazing like lightning,

Set me ablaze, let’s burn.

I want you to keep coming,

At dawn, at dusk

In January, in November

With a pen in hand or a keyboard before me.

Come my way, won’t you?

Flow through me, come so I may write you down.



I cannot hear your voice,

Not in my memory.

I see your face when tears adorn my face,

And it hurts because I cannot remember why I forget you.

I cannot recall what it was that tore us apart,

You grace the heavens, I tell myself this because to imagine you anywhere but there is beyond my soul.

Today I saw you Dad,

I was at work talking to a colleague and there you were…across the fence, in the man talking to his daughter,

reaching out to hold her hand while smiling.

I know it was you because I couldn’t stop the tears,

I cannot hear your voice, heaven knows I have tried to hear it- recall it- feel it- sound it…everything.

The heavens call you their own,

Yesterday was not as tough as today…



I want to have coffee with you on a Monday morning,

Let’s sit down at the break of dawn and talk,

It’s been a while,

I want to see the dimple in your left cheek when you smile.

I want to watch you frown when you talk,

Or how you shake your left leg,

Ten minutes into a conversation…

It’s been a while.

I want to have coffee with you on a Monday morning,

Just like we used to.