I was Ghosted so I found myself reading Sorry I Missed You by Suzy Krause

Have you ever been ghosted?

You meet someone and it’s all good, the phone calls, texts and meetings and then out of the blue the trail grows cold. A friend calls it “Kujitoa kwa mix,” and don’t get me started on those blue ticks on whatsapp and how after a while you call and they don’t answer then it hits you that they left you long before they stopped communicating with you.

So, I’ve been ghosted and I have ghosted people as well- and even gone ahead and ignored the various strangers who send you messages on Facebook Messenger with ‘hi’ or ‘hey’ or ‘hi babe.’ It hurts even more that now you cannot delete your messenger account/ if you uninstall the app- someone can still send you a message and wait for years before you respond! So, when I saw this book on Netgalley- I had to read it, for there is nothing as awesome as bonding over shared experiences!

About the book:

When Mackenzie, Sunna, and Maude move into a converted rental house, they are strangers with only one thing in common—important people in their lives have “ghosted” them. Mackenzie’s sister, Sunna’s best friend, and Maude’s fiancé—all gone with no explanation.

So when a mangled, near-indecipherable letter arrives in their shared mailbox—hinting at long-awaited answers—each tenant assumes it’s for her. The mismatched trio decides to stake out the coffee shop named in the letter—the only clue they have—and in the process, a bizarre kinship forms. But the more they learn about each other, the more questions (and suspicions) they begin to have. All the while, creepy sounds and strange happenings around the property suggest that the ghosts from their pasts might not be all that’s haunting them…Will any of the housemates find the closure they are looking for? Or are some doors meant to remain closed?

My take:  This book is funny, quirky, nostalgic and oh so true because if you’ve ever been ghosted/ had someone grow cold and distance without warning- then you would probably enjoy this read.

Maude brings to life the feeling of being ghosted most when she feels:

She knew she wasn’t the first person to be left like that; leaving was what people did best and most often. But the abruptness of this leaving, the unexplained nature of it, was torture and it came as close to killing her as anything ever had.

The personality of these three women clash; Maude doesn’t want to be disturbed and she is lonely, bitter, brash and pushes boundaries. Sunna has mastered the art of not caring, though she is brilliant, witty and upfront- she also is insecure- needing friends but not necessarily working towards making them. Mackenzie is as cute as a button- cares about how other people feel, and is a closed shell.

When Maude sets up a meeting with Richard to get closure and invites the girls to sit in the conversation, Sunna sets the record straight and I loved what she said so much that I noted it in my journal:

That is how explanations work. They explain. They do not assuage your guilty conscience.

I nearly jumped into the book and hugged her. I laughed at their meetings at the PaperCup cafe. It made my Friday evening.

You can get a copy on Amazon: Kindle $4.99 / Paperback $10.99

This definitely gets 4 stars: Download Orange Star Clip Art PNG Image with No Background ...Download Orange Star Clip Art PNG Image with No Background ...Download Orange Star Clip Art PNG Image with No Background ...Download Orange Star Clip Art PNG Image with No Background ...

About the author:

Suzy Krause

Suzy Krause is the author of Valencia and Valentine. She spends her days with her kids and writes when they sleep. She still occasionally finds time to blog just for fun at http://www.suzykrause.com. She lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.

You and I: A short story

If you want immortality, marry a Writer.

If you do not want immortality, but rather a taste of memory, a lingering of the unforgettable, then date a Writer and here’s the thing, be certain of what you want before you pursue a Writer. We are vicious with our words. We’ll cast you as a stool, or worse off a wretched withered broom leaning against an old lady’s abandoned hut and you’ll never know it.

If we really want to call you out, then we’ll cast you as a loser in our book and describe all your mannerisms down to the color of your nails.

If you want immortality, marry a Writer but this story is not about happy ever after, it may seem so, but before you start throwing a party and inviting your friends over, be sure that you want to listen to this…so I met this guy!


We’d been in the same circles but never interacted that much, we just made simple conversation. He struck me as suave. The guy who wore fitting jeans, always rocked a mean pair of Converse (If you know me, you know I love a guy in Converse… I’d marry a guy in Converse) and gave tight hugs. Yes! The hugs that you felt all the way into your bones, the kind that jolted your feelings into some kind of euphoria and you’d never let go, besides my Mom told me that when people who are close to you hug you, don’t be the first to let go, it may be the last time you feel their heartbeat. She also provided a caution to that, but we’re talking about Phil, where was I? Yes, Phil gives bone melting hugs. I’m not so great at opening up to people, because I come in waves and seasons. Sometimes my tide of sharing is just sufficient to get me what I want and other times, it’s non-existent to the point that people conclude I’m a snob.

Phil would always give me hugs.

I just published this short story on Smashwords. I’m so happy that I am writing again, so get the whole story by downloading it here.

Or click on the image on the side bar to download a copy.You and I

10 Reasons Why: Illusion

I dread meeting Javans. Have you ever wondered how hard it is to run away from the same thing you want to run to? I refused to pick his calls, answer his texts, or even like the posts he shared on Facebook- most of which were funny cat videos (that I totally love) and when my friends tried to reach out, I shut them out. A lot can happen in a second, but trust me when I say that I made mountains move in three days. 

Now, I am alone in my dread, engulfed by an irrational fear that things have gotten worse between us.

I don’t even know if there’s an “us” and Javans has every right not to show up for lunch. He works in the building that’s two streets from where Louisa and I work, inviting him to lunch at a restaurant he frequents, is probably a long way from waving a white flag. I have been waiting for an hour, my thoughts going from “this is a mess” to “what if he likes you to” and finally to “what? are you six or twelve?” 

I ordered rice and vegetable curry because Maggie always says that it’s the safest “I am waiting for someone who is stuck in traffic on Jogoo road” food. She says “you can eat rice slowly, nibble on the vegetables, pick each pea as you wait, no one will judge you for eating slowly.” I look up, my eyes trying as much as they can not to stare at the cute guy who is seated by the entrance, and when I look again, I see Javans walking towards my table. I wave him over and he looks behind him, looks around and then rushes towards the table, pulls the seat, flips it backwards and stares at me. 

“You’ve been ignoring me Joyce, what gives?”

“Hi Jav, how are you?”

“Like you care Joyce, so tell me, what’s up with this meeting?”

“I guess…”

“You guess? And what’s it with your friends forever getting into my business? What are you people up to because I am not here for drama. If you have something to say, then say it and just be cool, the crazy one really treated Pat like she was the devil, na hiyo sio fair, Pat’s with me.”

“Wait, what? How?Why?”

“Look, Joyce, I kept calling you to explain things but you kept shutting me down, kwanza, what’s with you? What happened over the weekend? And what is it with your friends telling me to stop messing with you?”

“Jav, I am sorry about what happened. I did not know that they were attending the same party as you and Pat were. Pat must be feeling awful, I’ll call her and apologize. Don’t mind them. I’m sorry, I promise I’ll sort this out.”

“You should, they can really make someone want to squeeze the life out of them.”

“I will, now will you flip your chair and order some food? I invited you to lunch and you had better eat, besides that mood you came here with must have exhausted all your energy.”

“Sorry, I was just pissed off, and you know what Joyce…”

“What is it?”

“I’ll tell you as we leave. I’m hungry.”

grayscale photography of man hugging woman
William Stitt/ Unsplash.com

I pay for lunch or rather, Javans pays for lunch talking about how weird it is for me to pay when he’s there, but after arguing over it and spilling some water on the table, he wins and I let him. I’ll buy him a drink- at least that way he’d accept it.

“So, what was it that you wanted to say, back there?” I ask. Javans stops and pulls me towards him. He knows he’s taller and stronger than me, but I walk into his embrace anyway. I cannot run away from my friend.

“You are the only person I know who would rather step back and let another person through when you’ve been standing at the door for thousands of years.”


“Yes, I know. There’s a forest challenge coming up this weekend at Kereita forest, it’s this Saturday, so if you’re not doing anything, I want us to go, have a bit of fun in the forest and you can tell me about all these things that you wrote.”

“Wait, what I wrote? What do you mean things I wrote?”

“You can thank your friends for that! Now, hebu go to work before your boss starts checking up on you! Bye!”

He heads the opposite way and I go through my bag, and realize it’s the wrong bag, I had the brown bag that day when I was meeting him and waiting for Maggie to join us- and wait, where’s my diary? Oh, God!

Don’t tell me it’s another post about a romance novel

Hello World, so, today I want to talk about romance novels! Yes, wait…have I lost a couple of people? I promise not to truly bore you. I’ll do so without a doubt, but even when I do, simply roll your eyes and read on- but have you noticed that romance novels can make you believe that falling in love is like being dipped in nectar?

And why is it that the guys always know just what to say and do to make the women swoon? We haven’t talked about the curvy descriptions in BBW books because the gods of Literature know that I have always found such descriptions worthy of an IG post!

So, let me tell you what happened to me yesterday. I was working on some reports when I thought why not log into NetGalley and see if they have new books that I could read.

I log in and go to “Find Titles” and since I have a 10 minute break, I simply go to “Read Now” and bham!

The gods of Literature approved and I got the book. I read the first part of the blurb:

Nikki Elliot is running out of time. After a season and a half of struggling to rebuild her racing career thanks to a near-fatal accident, she is faced with the ugly truth: it’s going to take a miracle to make her lifelong dream of racing in Formula 1 a reality. The trouble is, Nikki doesn’t believe in miracles. When Fate sends her help in the form of a quiet, sexy mechanic, however, Nikki realizes that miracles do happen: the ones you hope for and the ones you least expect. But just as things look like they’re falling into place, Nikki discovers that miracles come at a steep price.

So, the heroine’s Nikki and the “Quiet, sexy Mechanic” is Jake. Right, this sounds interesting…

Jake’s the guy who found his mom with her wrists slashed in their house. He’s the guy who hated his Dad for being a Mafia boss and got into trouble so much so that he changed his name! He’s also the guy who’s out of prison for assault (he had to defend his mother’s honor by beating the vile out of his stepdad’s mouth) and he can’t get custody of his younger brother, Dario, because one thing’s certain, Jake can’t keep cool! He comes home, finds out he’s been robbed. Hooks up with some girl-Angela (she’s trouble on legs) then finds out that he’d be working with ‘the Nikki Elliot’ the girl he’s been crushing on for years!

Image result for oh come on gif

And before you hate me for spilling so much tea! Listen to this…they are freaking Italians!

Image result for capisce gif

They both happen to belong to two of the most powerful Mafia families, and since both of them changed their names, it takes one temperamental buff- named Damon, to unravel the mystery and while at it, help Nikki find out who’s out to end her life!

Now, I don’t know why authors can make readers swoon because the Italian phrases that were thrown here were enough to make me sit down and drink three cups of tea and then some Fanta BlackCurrant. (Coglione, tesoro, La pormetto,Dio mio, Solo tu per sempre)

What would a romance novel be without the chemistry and the heat? This has lots of it but what struck me Jake’s reluctance to act on his instincts and the welcome invitations he got from Nikki. I was so frustrated at some point that I screamed “Come on! Dude! Go get her and quit selling yourself short!”

The writing is simple and the dialogues interesting. I do however noted that there were characters that were forgotten about so fast I couldn’t help but feel that they were poorly discarded. In this case, it’s Nikki’s brothers.

What would big brothers be without their little brothers? In this book, Dario’s the younger one but he’s also the one to speak up when Jake can’t. When he meets Nikki, he starts:

“I was right,” he said, eyeing her.

Nikki arched a brow. “About what?”

“My brother…He’s crazy about you. He has been since you guys started working together.”

Image result for fist bump gif

So, I get it that this book is the first in the series. I also get that it’s categorized as New Adult/ Romance but my two-cents believes it should go for at least $1.99 but hey, I’m just a reader who got the chance to enjoy this book and talk about it.

PS: All GIF’s courtesy of Google Images

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Here’s one for you:

Prove my fan-girling wrong: Get the book on Amazon today it’s $0.99 

A little bit of you

If there was a time when Mercy could have smiled, it would have been at her engagement party; instead, she was on her balcony watching guests stream into her two-bedroom apartment.

Thank you Gratisography 🙂

Her sisters were not coming.

Grace had simply sent her a text message ‘I am not for this.’

Noella, the baby of the house, smiled when she’d told her the news, “Well, are you sure? I kind of find it a little bit rushed, you caught him cheating, like a minute ago and the now, he goes on one knee? But, if you’re sure sawa sawa, I’ll be going out with my friends though.”

Her fiancee, Henry, was welcoming the guests.

He had a wicked smile, the one that made women commit all kinds of sins in their minds, and sometime when she looked at him, she saw little bits of her dreams splattered all over his face. Sometimes, like right now, she felt like she could fly from her balcony and land on the ground a beautiful mess…sometimes she asked herself, ” what happened to the little bit of you?”

Her thoughts danced around her, and then she heard him call her name, and somewhere in that moment, she looked down…and there he was, the little bit of her, the one who made her simmer…dreadlocks, tatoos, caramel…and a smile. He had her dreams all over him, and he stood there…hands in his pockets, his eyes asking the only question she knew “why?”



There are two kinds of people in this world; those who are drawn to love and those to whom love is an echo. I’m Marjorie. I could tell you that I am Beth but that would be giving away too much too soon.

When you are responsible for how the world sees your employers, you get no sleep, bonus cheques, constant calls and no privacy. It was no surprise when the CEO sent me an email at 3A.M. that I had forty days to organize some corporate social responsibility event that touched peoples lives. His words.

I walked into the office the next morning aware that a formal report was needed by noon on that email. The CEO was not one to be denied anything. He was like my two year old niece who jumped, screamed, rolled over and cried until she got that Big Daddy lollipop that you had not budgeted for. The difference was he was clad in expensive suits and shoes. All he did was point to the door, pick up his gold handset phone and tell the HR to clear your desk and find a replacement in under 24 hours. I thought the hospitality industry had the highest turnover, well, here, we work in shifts. Your time is up when the one who writes your cheques feels like cutting you loose.

It was this pressure that led me to Jeremy. I was going through my Facebook posts when I came across his page The LightKeepers. I scrolled down reading the posts and the activities they engaged in towards the benefit of children in poor families. I took down his contact information and rushed to the accounts department to figure out how much was set aside for this new venture that the CEO had in mind. The accounts manager, Evans,  was not there. Always in a blue tie and shoes that could pay my rent. I asked the other guys when he would be around but my request was not sufficient enough to get their attention off their screens and excel sheets.

I decided to call Jeremy instead and introduce myself and my agenda. He sounded very warm if not flirtatious but even so, I had enough to present at the meeting and secure my stay for another forty days. According to Jeremy, he was looking more for impact on interaction. I had a meeting.


The Restaurant

Lovers pride themselves in who saw the other first. It is almost like winning the race when you are seated on the benches. Walter says he saw Ruth first. Ruth says that she chose him before he even spoke to her.

I say they are delusional.

Walter waited tables at The Grill. He walked in at seven and left at nine every day. He took his first break at eleven. He would walk out and go stand beside the garbage bin and smoke two cigarettes then wash his hands and face and walk back into the restaurant to take his tea and mandazi. He took pride in how well groomed he was for a smoker. No one talked about it because he knew the customers and could easily get in and out of a verbal altercation with a smile and piece of cake.
He was having a bad day when Ruth walked in. It was on Tuesday and he got stuck with Mr. Undecided. The man often ate there but he took centuries to decide on what to eat. He would order and then shout “tsk!tsk!” at Walter as though the phrase “excuse me” was foreign to him. Walter hated him. He took up all his time and did not have the courtesy to tip. There were so many people like him in the city who did not tip. They paid for the food and left complaining about the lighting, music, the waiters and some would say they would not come back, but he would see them walk in at four to get a cup of coffee before going home.

So, the fact that Ruth walked into The Grill on that day and at that exact moment is what Walter calls love.

She walked straight up to him and smiled. He took a step back and looked around before he ushered her to the best table they had. He presented her with a copy of the menu and told her he would be with her shortly. He went back to Mr. Undecided who was still torn between fried beef and grilled beef. As he waited on Mr. Undecided, his eyes took in the new girl that he had just met. She could probably be five feet and six inches tall, or less depending on the shoes. He took in her braids. He loved black braids on women. They did not scream attention or failed fashion sense; rather they were beautiful and neatly done and could be styled in any way to compliment a look.
He excused himself and walked back to her table.
“May I take your order?”
“I will have the lunch special, but instead of sukuma wiki could you get me some spinach? I love spinach, it is way better than sukuma wiki.”
“Sure. What about the drink?”
“I’ll have the passion juice. Mango juice is too thick and I want to be able to stay focused at work.”
“I’ll get it right away. Karibu.”
Once her order was ready, he presented it to her and left her to it. He waited on three other customers before he went behind the counter to watch her eat. There was so much he could tell about people based on what they ordered and how they ate.
Some chicks were not adventurous when it came to eating out and would always play safe by eating chips. He hated it. Why would anyone dress up to eat out and order chips? There were so many fast food joints in Nairobi and three were right up in their lane, why would they walk all the way to a restaurant just to eat chips? Walter could never eat out. He knew more about the stress and drama involved in restaurant management that he would rather stay home and cook.

He started out as a Waiter but he wanted to be a Chef.

He loved pastry but could never raise enough money to cover the tuition costs and so he had to settle for what he had. He told himself that he’d open his own Pastry shop every day that he walked through the doors of The Grill.

And he would go home telling himself the same thing.

He made cupcakes and mandazis back at the estate where he lived. He delivered them to his neighbors’ doorsteps every morning before he left for work. He would collect his money every Wednesday and that was how he managed to stay in that estate let alone pay his rent. The women loved his cupcakes. The men loved his mandazis and his landlord loved to receive the rent on time.

“We! Wacha kuota hapa! Table seven amemaliza!”

He winked at Saddam as he approached her. Saddam was the best Supervisor he had ever worked with. He never yelled at them, but when he fired someone, everyone steered clear of him for three days. He also hated it when they called him by his first name because he believed that it reminded people of a terrorist but he was a law abiding citizen.
Walter handed Ruth her bill as her cleared her table.
“Hey, what is your name?”
“Okay, it was nice meeting you and aki thanks for serving me so well!”
“You are welcome…”
“Ruth. You can call me Ruth and I will call you Walter. See you tomorrow, then. Have a good day.”
Walter looked at the bill as she stood to leave. He placed the tray on the table and caught up with her. “Excuse me…Ruth, will you please wait for your change. It will just take a minute.”
“Keep the change Walter. Maybe next time you’ll get me that mango juice.”
“Um…okay, thank you…”
He looked at the bill and the money she had paid and smiled. She turned and smiled then waved at him before walking into the car that was waiting right outside.
He waved back for it was just another day at the restaurant and he was in love.


Some kind of love

The Girl with the Golden Smile 5

Speaking of-The Penthouse Prince by Virginia Nelson

I love a good romance story.
Nothing eats me up like a fake arrangement that spins out of control and that’s exactly what happened in Virginia Nelson’s “The Penthouse Prince.”


Most romance novels are predictable: people meet, some drama takes place and in the end there’s a resolution which leads to a happy ending, kissing, love making and lots of ” I love you,” phrases- the end!
But with this there was chemistry between the leads: Camden is the rich boss who doesn’t do love, only business while Jeanie is the one hoping to provide for 5 year old Kaycee.

It starts out with Camden pushing Jeanie to sign a contract stating the terms of their fake engagement so he can get to buy out his dad’s shares and own the company he runs. He has a friend, Lowe, and Father who see right through his facade but they have no clue as to what he’ll do and whether he will succeed.

So,  the whole damsel in distress thing did not go down so well with me.  Why does the guy get to be rich and in control while the girl needs saving?
But, Virginia  tried to make it up to me since she showed that Camden had money, control, power but nothing as close as the comfort and peace of mind that Jeanie could offer. Not bad, but I  still wish she was the billionaire while he was the man in distress!

Okay, so here’s what I liked about this book (that made me eat it up like cake) : the sequence of events is spot on. There’s no rush, just the right pace throughout the story that builds up to the climax anyone  who loves romance would die for!
I could talk about the cover,  or go on about the characters or even babble about the plot,  but all that would not hit the target as much as the sequence of events. Nothing felt out of place in the story, and each scene laid the foundation for the next one and that’s what struck me while reading this book.

You can check out Virginia’s page here for the links to this book. You’ll love it☺

Highlights of my week.

Saturday’s here, and I am looking back on the highlights of my week. It was grand to accept my friend’s challenge because my vegetable spaghetti made someone drool in the morning. (I am not saying it was my sister). I also spiced up my week by reading “Almost a Turkish Soap opera” by Anne-Rae Vasquez and “Next to you” by Julia Gabriel.
If you love romance and want something to freshen up your day or get you smiling in public well, I’d definitely recommend reading Anne’s “Almost a Turkish soap opera,” but if you are having one of those days where you want to believe in love and good people, then go with Julia’s “Next to You,” there’s a cute little boy there called Aidan who stole my heart!


It’s been a week full of travel and whether I was walking a mile or two or wading through mud I am glad I had some pop music for company, there’s nothing like listening to  One Direction’s Little White Lies while climbing a hill when it is thirty two degrees Celsius!
I haven’t done much writing this week but there is a lot for me to catch up on.
Here’s a summary of my week in photos: