I knew you’d come,

I just didn’t know I’d still be home.

Here you are,

Unbound, warm, delightful,

As sure as the sun rises and sets,

You are here.

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New month, some new expectations and old fears

Hello September, it feels like I was enjoying the first week of March and then I blinked and you were at my doorstep!

Well, how are you holding up wherever you are? I’d say that this first day of September holds promise, but if there is anything I’ve learned during this COVID-19 pandemic is that you can plan all you want- but the universe still reigns, the only control you have is on your thoughts and how you choose to react to whatever happens. So, I am choosing positivity and let me tell you, it’s working out…slowly.

I read some good books this past month:

If there’s a movie I’d love to watch this month, it’s gotta be Love, Guaranteed- and it premieres on Netflix on 3rd September.

On writing: I haven’t written anything for most of the past two weeks and my sleep cycle is suffering more because I am worried about work projects and feeling like I have to do much more to impact the lives of children in terms of accessing quality education. I feel like I need to revise “In The Quiet” and explore the option of printing copies but even that is scaring me out of my wits.

I’ve received some good reviews of Zuri: The Chronicler of Enzi and I keep asking myself , what next? When and how? So, once I work myself to the right headspace, I’ll start the next writing project.

  • I carry the fear that we’d be staying at home longer due to this virus and also the fear that I may miss out on getting the facts right for my upcoming project.
  • I’m hopeful that I’ll get lots of writing done and ready for publication in the next two months.
  • I’m also super hopeful that I’ll stick to my workout regime this week, okay, let’s just try this week and see how it goes!

Until then, I’ll be reading one of my favorite Poets – Billy Chapata‘s upcoming release “Flowers on the Moon”


I met him, last year, on a day such as this.

He was seated at the corner,his eyes met mine then went back to his phone. Samsung.

Blue jeans, green t-shirt, slender long fingers like Harith Salim’s. The NTV News presenter. The kind of guy I’d buy chapo beans and watch him tear it into pieces, dip it into the beans and lick his fingers after. I love slender fingers, philosophical fingers,the kind that I can watch in action. I am attracted to eyes, and I smiled at him.

I activated the WiFi on my phone and set it aside. I ordered house coffee,single,and a muffin. I looked at him. I’m a coffee kinda girl; black, with sugar. He oozed caramel. A combination of come have a look and how about a taste. He caught me staring and I smiled again. I waited for the third time, the charm, right? 
My friend Eve,walked in, all smiles and we started talking about work. When the waiter approached our table, I managed to look towards the corner, there on the table was an empty glass. I turned to Eve, to normalcy, but there’s nothing like love at first sight in September.

It’s all about falling leaves and thirty days of yearning for sunsets. I’ll stay indoors this September, dream of the guy with slender fingers and honey brown eyes. I’ll dream enough to keep me awake for thirty days and then call him just to remind him, “Do you remember how we first met?” and,watch him squirm because he forgot our anniversary.