You know that glow at dawn?

That burst of abundance, of endless light, unlimited possibilities, of maybes and please,

That first kiss of life?

Yes, that one,

You know that glow?

I want that.


The sun will shine Child.

you who thought you ruled the world,

See how she goes on, un-bothered by your woes.

Silhouette of Bird Above Clouds

She thrives, brighter than yesterday,

Oh Child, don’t you see it…you who came into this space after her,

Smile, laugh, love and for each breath give thanks…

She shines on everyone, doesn’t she?

Well, how is then that you thought you could keep her to yourself?


We know something, you and I,

Yes, not him, not her, not them, you and I.

We feel it in our bones, like the rattling of an old soul come to life.

We feel it in our touch, like the sun kissing the soil, after the rains have blessed it.

thee person standing and sitting beside white concrete wall
Bill Wegener/

It’s like an awakening,

Like thunder…loud but miles away,

Like lightning, a flash so bright that’s unheard, yet grand.

We know something, you and I,

We carry the weight of our father’s fathers and their fathers

We carry our mothers truth in our tongue.

You and I are the lucky ones Akinyi…we carry their abundance in our names.

We carry nations, oh daughter of the Lake.

We know something, you and I, of this weight.

The fear of never being enough, but seeking to be more than just a measurement of expectations.

So, you tell me, “Achieng’ build your crown, make it fit your head and wear it!”

We know something, you and I,

It’s what the unseen call love, but you and I know it’s like sunshine…everlasting, scorching, sweet, tender, bright, and most of all, dynamic.

You and I,

Yes, you and I, we know what we know and isn’t that worthy of a kingdom?