When you have nothing to write about


It could be true or not, but when you have nothing to write about, just go ahead and write and chances are something will come to mind. You could stare at your computer from the time that Nigerian movie started till it ended and then the Part II started and ended…and people had supper, before sitting down to write just like me.

You could seriously do that and no one would laugh at you, in fact, I’d probably endorse that with a retweet or a like or reblog.

Today was my writing day. I was to sit before this computer and type like NanoWrimo is a breeze! I started out great. I switched on the computer and then turned on the radio and opened my documents, clicked on my story, and nothing happened. I sat before this computer and thought, “how hard could it really be if you focused?”

Well, that Nigerian movie started at 11:30am and now it’s 8:36pm. I only have this random stream of words that I am spewing right now. It feels pretty good, but who am I kidding? Right?

If you said “right” back there, you are probably not my friend, but it depends did you say “riight” or “Right!” like a policeman? If it’s the latter we are not friends, and you can stop reading this and probably go do something like eat an avocado or stuff!

Okay, let me just breathe for a second.

That was way out of line, you should not take it out on an avocado, I love that fruit. So, whatever you do take it out on anything but avocados and strawberry yogurt. You can definitely take it out on anything vanilla! I’d not stop you.

I am learning something here about my rambling. It is more like seeing myself for the first time and I guess that it does hold some water,

When you have nothing to write, don’t beat yourself up,start writing or just jotting down words and somewhere in that string of words you’ll find the story that needs to be told.