The Currents Series.

This series is inspired by the elements of nature: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. It chronicles the journey of a certain African Prince into leadership.The events take place in the land of Leo (which is Swahili for ‘Today.’) His name Ustawi means ‘Legacy’ or ‘To thrive.’What happens when a King so desperate for the greatest legacy is blessed with a son? What happens especially when the Seer has a vision of doom instead of prosperity at the birth of this son?419OY5W4jgL To read Fire, you can click here and you will be directed to the amazon page where you can choose either the paperback or ebook version.

Some thoughts on Fire:

At this age and time I didn’t know authenticity from our writers could still be expected but ‘Fire’ is a complete reminiscence of what pure art in literature ought to be/used to be.

Goodreads Review-Michael

If you love African folklore, please read this book- she’s one author to watch this coming year!

Goodreads Review-Bill

The second book in the series is Water:

In this book, the story of Prince Ustawi continues now that he is growing up and learning more about their customs from his father and the royal household.

41jnTkgr5oLSome reader’s thoughts on Water:

This is a tale not only of time, but also fused with african customs and you are treated to a wedding ceremony in the second last chapter.

Goodreads Review

It is not everyday that I come across a young author with great understanding of the African Culture and traditions like this young lady,the way she talks about a Kingdom and its reign you would have nothing to compare it to but rather just travel back in time to the days Africa had Kingdoms.

African Stories -Cheryl

You can read it by clicking here

The third book is Wind


Here’s what’s said about it:

Fire is a tease. Water is intense and the pace is great, but Wind just shook me up!

Bill, Goodreads

You can read it here .

The final book is Earth:

EARTHA copy is available : here

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