If I Were

​If I were a scent how I’d love to be Jasmine, something exotic and sweet.

If I were a drink I’d be Scotch in the morning, Water in the afternoon and Coffee in the evening.

If I were a color, I’d be just as your eyes view me and so much more: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, White, Brown but not Purple, please not purple!

If I were a book, I’d come plain, a canvas awaiting a creation, no ruled lines,so you can never tell where your scribbles go and how much I can take.

If I were an experience, I’d be Fanta Orange and crank up the Bamboocha in you,

If I were a flavor, I’d be ice cream, Vanilla flavoured.

If I were a letter, I’d be Q, so you know I’m a Queen…

If I were a song, honey you’d love me a melody, sing me a feeling and tune me a rhythm.

If there’s this, then there’s more.

If I were anything less than this, 

If I were anything,



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